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NDS Launches B2B Content Marketplace & Delivery System

Infinite TV Exchange enables the monetisation & delivery of high-quality, specialised content to pay-TV platforms.

NDS Launches B2B Content Marketplace & Delivery System

Infinite TV Exchange enables the monetisation & delivery of high-quality, specialised content to pay-TV platforms.

BestMediaInfo Bureau | March 11, 2011

NDS, the leading provider of technology solutions for digital pay-TV, today announced the launch of Infinite TV Exchange, the first global B2B content marketplace and delivery system that brings together service providers and content owners to build special interest channels and expand the operator offering - leveraging over-the top (OTT) delivery.

Infinite TV Exchange enables the monetisation and delivery of high-quality, specialised content to pay-TV platforms. Designed to help content owners reach global platforms and enable broadcasters to enrich their existing offering the platform provides seamless integration of specialised content, in the form of channels, with an operator?s existing offering to satisfy the individual interests of the subscriber - ensuring that they remain the prime source of TV entertainment.

"Consumers have an insatiable appetite for video content centred around their individual interests and passions. Some of this content is available online today, but with a less than optimal viewing experience. Programming and distributing specialized channels to address these interests on traditional broadcast platforms is an area that isn’t currently addressed," said Mike McGuire, Research Vice President with Gartner's Media Industry Advisory Services. "The idea of creating a marketplace where broadcasters and service providers can negotiate directly with content owners to build and integrate their own specialized, over-the-top channels is the kind of innovation that is needed - giving subscribers an integrated entertainment experience."

The Infinite TV Exchange marketplace is open to a full range of professional content and provides a complete ecosystem of the necessary components to transform individual content into OTT programming channels. Content owners – whether mainstream studios or independent content owners - upload their content to the marketplace. They are then able to create their own channels with the provided tools, and use a simple system that enables the negotiation of contractual and commercial terms with the service provider to be conducted through the online portal. Service providers are able to create or select specialised channels built with programming uploaded by the content owners to integrate into their existing offering, seamlessly displayed in the electronic programme guide (EPG).

Yoni Hashkes, NDS Senior VP Advanced Products and Markets, said’ "Infinite TV Exchange enables an entirely new ecosystem for special interest programming." He added, "The marketplace is designed to give pay-TV operators the ability to build a branded platform at the centre of the entertainment experience that satisfies the individual interest of its subscriber – bringing together what is currently a fragmented viewing experience. The feedback that we have had on Infinite TV Exchange has been astounding, and the „eureka? moments in which service providers and content owners see the value in the platform have been universal."

Leading and specialised content owners such as National Geographic, Kids Co., SPEED, Revision 3, Watch Mojo, Red Bull Media and numerous specialty broadcasters ranging from the Dance Channel and Race Fan TV to Wild Earth TV have already committed over 100,000 hours of content to Infinite TV Exchange.

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