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Adidas Launches New Brand Campaign 'Bring It On'

The campaign featuring Sachin Tendulkar in first TVC, is conceptualized by TBWA\India

Adidas Launches New Brand Campaign ‘Bring It On’

The campaign featuring Sachin Tendulkar in first TVC, is conceptualized by TBWA\India

Neha S | Delhi | March 7, 2011

adidas unveiled ‘Bring it on”; an athlete studded campaign that seeks to inspire athletes and remind them of the significance of hard work, focus and self-belief in sports. The visually compelling 4-ad campaign features Sachin Tendulkar, Virender Sehwag, Kieron Pollard, Lasith Mallinga and Dwayne Bravo. The film was launched on and then aired on TV last weekend.

‘Bring it on’ presents the doubts, insecurities and fears that cloud the minds of even the greatest athletes and how they overcome these by honing their abilities. Wearing the country’s crest on the field of play is a dream only a select few fulfill but to continue playing on the biggest stage and redefining the game is demanding. Athletes have to face up to the opposition who constantly pry their weaknesses, to critics, to the love of expectant fan’s, to injuries, to inexplicable loss of form. ‘Bring it on’ captures the essence of this struggle and illustrates how great athletes confront doubt and celebrates the indomitable spirit of the world’s greatest athletes.


Speaking on the campaign, Shiv Sethuraman, CEO, TBWA India Group saidadidas is the athlete’s brand. It has a unique perspective. While most other brands look at cricket from the outside, adidas looks at the game inside out. The ‘Bring it on’ campaign seeks to leverage this perspective to show the athlete’s as they’ve never been seen before. The campaign demonstrates the passion and will that enable great cricketers to triumph over the doubts, fears, criticisms and expectations

The campaign is being launched across various mediums. The digital medium will be one of the key drivers of the campaign and consumers can engage with the adidas brand and be a part of the larger conversation around Cricket on

"As an authentic sports brand, we understand the mind of an athlete and the hurdles they deal with. Last year, our 'Pure Cricket' campaign showcased the grit, irreverence and passion of everyday Cricketers for the game. 'Bring it On' is a result of the insights we gained through conversations with cricketers. In our constant endeavor to inspire and create strong emotional engagements with consumers, this campaign explores the challenges and fears these great athletes face and the journeys they take to overcome them. The insight is conveyed using our fantastic portfolio of top cricketers from across the world.” said Tushar Goculdas, Director – Sales & Marketing, adidas India.


Athletes: Sachin Tendulkar, Virendra Sehwag, Lasith Malinga, Keiron Pollard and Dwayne Bravo

Creative Agency: TBWA India

Film Director: Uzer Khan

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