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Rising Star: Abhimanyu Ghosh, CEO & Managing Editor, Powerbrands 360

‘Whatever I lay my hands on, it has to necessarily become one of the very best’ - this is the conviction what makes Abhimanyu different from his peers.

Rising Star: Abhimanyu Ghosh, CEO and Managing Editor, Powerbrands 360, Planman Marcom

A humble beginning became extraordinary and in just more than a decade turned out be an unparalleled journey. If you are thinking it’s like another bollywood story, where the protagonist starts as a trainee and after hard work of more than a decade carves a niche for him, then, somewhat, you are thinking on the right lines. ‘Whatever I lay my hands on, it has to necessarily become one of the very best’  - this is the conviction what makes Abhimanyu Ghosh, CEO and Managing Editor, Powerbrands 360, Planman Marcom, different from his peers.

Abhimanyu Ghosh has been an integral part of the Planman Consulting Group and has been involved with Brand & Management consulting since 1998. He rose to the position of the CEO and went on to setup Planman Media in 2004 along with an entire gamut of media operations across 17 branches pan India. The phenomenal growth of the publishing house can be attributed to the dynamic leadership of Abhimanyu Ghosh. An unparalleled increase in revenue inflow further substantiates the midas touch that he has brought to the company and an equally impressive fourth quarter highlights the consistency of his leadership. With publications such as ‘Business & Economy’ that reflects the true state of the economy & ‘4Ps Business & Marketing’ that provides the readers with a professional insight of the marketing industry, Ghosh can be credited for conceptualizing the effective managerial techniques and using innovative management information systems that have led to productivity being maximised and ensured a seamless interface among the pivotal arms of design, distribution, editorial, marketing & production.

Ghosh has over the years established a strong connect with the academic industry taking sessions in the areas of Advertising, Branding & Marketing. He has shared his experience writing guest columns for various leading business publications as well as conducting training workshops in the fields of Leadership, Motivation, Sales & Marketing with India’s leading companies.

In 2010, Ghosh introduced Powerbrands, a power book that reflects the soul of each brand so as to bridge the gap between the perceptions of the consumer and that of the brands. Powerbrands is a reference book of India’s most powerful brands, which has emanated as a result of the intense and powerful perceptions chiseled inside the minds of Indian consumers. It is a manifestation of India’s most superlative brands that have created a cult follower-ship for themselves amongst Indian consumers. Powerbrands is a design marvel, an innovative book that has re-shaped and revolutionized the industry. Ghosh has been involved in heavy research driven projects that encompass aspects of branding, marketing and advertising through projects such as Powerbrands Lifestyle, Star Brands, Power Companies and PowerTV (an independent research based third party endorsement backed by revolutionary marketing & advertising strategies).

Along with Alyque Padamsee and various professionals from the industry, he is currently working towards building Planman Marcom into the biggest Brand Consulting Company in India. He has a rare combination of understanding and shaping a business and has an extremely creative bent of mind which is the most potent combination to develop Marcom into the agency for India.

When asked about the reason behind choosing the line of career and special skills which make compatible to current job, Ghosh humbly replies, “It’s the most exciting thing in the world to make strategies for brands. The pleasure of seeing the brands that are made by your company in the competitive world of Marketing and Branding is the best feeling possible. It is challenging, exciting and a very noble profession. Special skills that also make me click in this path are my abilities of networking at all levels combined with the management expertise and great flair for creativity and communications.”

After his schooling from Delhi Public School and college from IIPM and IMI Belgium, Ghosh started his career in 1997 with the Planman and IIPM group as a management trainee. After learning necessary skills as trainee, Ghosh  moved and started ICPAR, a PR division of Planman Consulting group and soon made it one of the biggest in the country. His big moment came when he started Planman Media in 2005 with Business and Economy. In 2006 added 4Ps Business and Marketing, in 2007 launched The Sunday Indian (World’s only magazine published in 14 language editions), Got the Indian PC Magazine in India (World’s largest IT magazine), in 2008 launched The Human Factor.

Planman Media has been one of the fastest growing media companies under his leadership. In 2010 he conceptualized Powerbrands, world’s biggest brand book comprising the best brands operating in India, and launched it in February 2011. It is the most innovative and well designed brand book ever launched.

In Feb 2011, he took over Planman Marcom, a 360 Marketing Innovations Company dealing in all Integrated Marketing communication services,  to transform it into the largest Integrated Marketing Innovations Company.

When asked about the project he thought was most challenging, he said, “Powerbrands was a huge challenge. When we planned it, very few people understood the concept and Powerbrands was often compared to Superbrands. Slowly and steadily due to path-breaking research methodology, pristine research parameters backed by world-class design, printing quality and a series of innovations inside the book convinced every brand of the unique concept behind Powerbrands. It is a project that has never been attempted world-wide and it’s a great feeling to see the amazing response to the book. Powerbrands will be a huge tool for tomorrow, because it’s going to be in print, electronic (with Powerbrand TV) and website format. It is a great mix for every brand that has been selected as a Powerbrand.”

Adding further, he said, “Prime struggle and challenge that was faced was initial acceptance but a great idea with world-class implementation won all hearts. Powerbrands will make the nation proud. With Powerbrands foraying into the international market, it will truly become an Indian global brand.”

Sharing his future goals, Ghosh said, “Currently it is to make Planman Marcom the No. 1 Advertising and Marketing Innovations Company in the country.”

Discussing his views regarding the industry, he said, “It is the most dynamic and vivid industry. The growth potentials are humongous. With India at the center of all attention globally, this industry is all set to see the biggest boom ever.”

Ghosh feels that the world of Marketing, Advertising and Branding is all about passion. If you passionately work towards your goal, you are bound to succeed. It’s no Rocket Science, but a manifestation of putting your thoughts into action. So results come good always. That’s the expression of creativity.

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