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Cheil South West Asia rolls out ‘Minus One’ project

The smaller font for bigger forests is a digital CSR campaign to save the world’s threatened forests

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | December 29, 2011

Cheil WW SW Asia has rolled out a CSR campaign to save the world’s forests. The campaign, created by the Indian creative team, has been adopted as a global best practice by Cheil offices around the world.

Forests are home to 300 million people and over 50 per cent of the earth's plant and animal species. We have lost almost half – around 3 billion hectares – of the forests that once blanketed the earth. Every year at least 16 million additional hectares fall to the axe, torch, bulldozer, and chain saw.

The Minus One project is an endeavour to sensitise the community about forest cover that is disappearing at an alarming rate. Much of this is due to mankind’s unwarranted demand for paper. Five million hectares of forest cover vanishes every year just to meet our everyday need for paper.

By doing something as simple as reducing the font size of a document by 1 point before printing, we can reduce paper consumption for printouts considerably, almost up to 50 per cent. And that would mean a lesser number of trees would need to go under the axe. Just few seconds of effort will add years to forests.

Speaking on the rollout, Alok Agrawal, COO, Cheil WW SW Asia, said, “This is a small initiative by Cheil Worldwide to prevent rapid deforestation. Fonts and point sizes are the fundamentals of advertising business. By doing something as simple as reducing the point size by 1, we all can make a big difference to the amount of paper we use. The power of this idea is in its simplicity.”

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