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Change your shopping style, suggests Star CJ Alive

The TVC, created by Metal Communications, brings out starkly the difference in today’s approach to shopping from yesteryear

Neha Saraiya | Delhi | December 14, 2011

Close on the heels of Christmas and New Year, home-shopping TV channel, Star CJ Alive, has rolled out its new TV campaign. The central idea of the TVC revolves around consumers’ tendency to shop for their families during festival seasons. Traditionally, when consumers go for shopping, they literally leave their homes and shop in familiar, commercial districts or in shopping malls. But by using the services and festive offers of Star CJ Alive, consumers can shop the modern way and kiss goodbye to yesterday's lifestyles.

This has been innovatively captured in the film which has been conceptualised and created by Metal Communications, produced by Rowdy Rascal and shot by Siddharth Sikand. To illustrate the difference between the two eras, the TVC deliberately portrays the black & white film era when people spoke differently, wore clothes differently, managed family relationships differently -- and more to the point -- shopped differently. By being entertaining and non-preachy, the brand hopes to get across its central message of promoting a modern lifestyle.

The TVC:


Speaking on the TVC, Paritosh Joshi, CEO, Star CJ Alive, said, “As the year comes to an end, everyone gets into the mood of celebration and shopping for loved ones as well as for oneself. People are always on the lookout for best offers and deals during Christmas season. This festive season, we have the best offers coupled with exciting prizes for our patrons. Our aim is to encourage our viewers to experience the comfort of home shopping with our range of thrilling offers.”

The TVC begins showcasing the 1950s and 1960s era in typical black & white setting, highlighting the protagonist’s delivery of dialogue in the most typical nasal and lilting voice. In a hospital, we see a doctor slowly removing the bandage from a girl’s eyes. As the girl begins to focus on her surroundings and the people around her bed, she suddenly starts talking about wanting to travel to Europe, Singapore and wear designer jewellery. Her parents and the doctor are puzzled by her behaviour. The girl then asks them to move aside as they are blocking her view of Star CJ Alive on the TV set in her room. And then comes the transformation: the protagonist suddenly moves into the modern world and begins shopping from the comfort of her home!

Commenting about the old look and feel of the TVC, Narayan Kumar, Director, Metal Communications, said, “We worked closely with Rowdy Rascals Productions in recreating a bygone era in Hindi films with sensitivity and good humour. Great care was taken in not only technical aspects like composition, sound-track and lighting, but also casting. The well worn cliche of a blind young girl getting her eyesight back is exploited to the hilt. It ends in her seeing all the great offers and brands on Star CJ Alive channel without leaving her bed.”

The TVC is currently on-air on all leading channels.


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  • Amit DEV- 9 years ago

    Unique monochrome classical patterned visual lend the great differentiator to this TVC, while contemporary approach of story-telling elevates it to superlative plane; making it the most memorable and high recall video of the year 2011, in my impression. Cheers CJ!