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Bigg Boss 5: Shraddha Sharma evicted

Walks out with smile of satisfaction after playing her game well

Bigg Boss 5: Shraddha Sharma evicted

December 3, 2011:

Dancing to the tunes of ‘Jalebi Bai’, Shraddha entered the Bigg Boss house with a pout on her face and a sparkle in her eyes. For someone who has seen so much in life, entering the Bigg Boss house was one of the sources through which she could portray the real her to the country. Shraddha lost her family at a tender age, but never gave up the will to survive in this big bad world outside which never missed pointing a finger at her. Her stint in few soaps did not do much for her identity or image but with Bigg Boss Shraddha had hopes of making the country know who she actually is. She is jolted by understanding that her journey in Bigg Boss has come to an end here, but she also has this smile of satisfaction as she feels that she has played her game well and been just inside the house.

She never came across as the problem child and would never do things that perturbed somebody unless someone had really provoked her to do so.  In spite of being mocked at and a lot being spoken about her character she always made it a point to keep shut. It was only a few times that Shraddha could not control herself and broke down after being agitated and annoyed over and over.
She was always the Good Samaritan of the house who was proactive in doing all the household chores and never missed out on lending her shoulder to those who were low and down. Her captaincy did bring a lot of controversy but she made sure that she would never sound rude or harsh and rather hurt anyone. She made sure that she was an active member of all the tasks that were assigned and never gave anyone a chance to complain about being a non-performer.
As the Jalebi Bai’s journey in the Bigg Boss house comes to an end today, we hope that her stay inside has not only helped her make a few more friends but has also helped her grow much more as a person. We hope to see this bubbly and vivacious girl soon again on the silver screen and wish her all the very best for all her future endeavors.

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