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Movie Review: Desi Boyz

Watch Desi Boyz if you have nothing better to do this weekend!

By Jyotsna Kumar

How long can you drool for chiseled bodies? For one hour? Then go ahead and make noise for the Desi Boyz. Because in the second hour that opportunity is lost. Yes! Guys and girls sorry to break this but Desi Boyz is not even close to what’s being projected in its promos. The second half is not at least.

The film is about two male escorts- Nick (John) and Jerry (Akshay) who are not into this business out of choice but out of RECESSION! And of course the Desi Boyz owner Sanjay Dutt, whose physique has improved by the way, but will come to that later. One is a London School of Economics grad and the latter is a college drop out. Nick is into this business also because of Jerry after all- Cricket ke bina Sachin adhoora hai…Jai ke bina Veeru aur Nick ke bina Jerry. Seriously, I’m I watching Maine Pyaar Kiya ? Otherwise where else this philosophy Dosti ki hai nibhaani toh padegi carried from. Are we still in that decade?

Anyway moving on, as male escorts Nick and Jerry happily kept the recession blues away from them, till Nick’s girl friend Radhika (Deepika) finds out and Jerry- the only custodian of his nephew is sent to a foster home. Will they survive the damage? Is what this flick is about.

The first half is tolerable thanks to the handsome hunks – the topless John and Akshay and the gorgeous Deepika but the second half is bizarre. The climax is atrociously done.  It appeared it was conceived by some chipmunk! And Rohit Dhawan (director) it’s not cool to have gay jokes….Grow up! That novelty is long lost with Kal Ho Na Ho.

But don’t get me wrong Desi Boyz did have its share of wit here and there. In fact certain sequences were well written, but were not well executed, like the reunion of John and Deepika. Some even looked fresh like Deepika’s candid walkthrough of her first meet with John, almost reminding of Rahul Bose in Pyaar Ke side Effects, but such novelty was not carried through the film.

Though the entire ensemble cast- John, Akshay, Sanjay Dutt, Deepika & Chitrangda make you drool for them but performance wise they looked bunch of amateurs. John’s dance with his bulging biceps reminds you of Sunny Deol.

Akshay’s energy and comic timing is not even close to what he did in Garam Masala when paired up with John. And how many times will you hear Deepika say this with her same old expressions- Kitni ladkiyon pe try kar chuke ho? Either she’s not picking up meaty roles or she’s running out of expressions whenever she has to render the same dialogue.

Chitrangda added gloss to the frame, but I don’t know why she looked nervous on-screen. Is it because she got caught between mainstream and non-mainstream parallel? Or may be because she was not given enough screen space?

Sanjay Dutt looked smashing and has certainly worked on his biceps. Or the cinematographer cleverly covered up his bloated belly? Whatever it was he looked great.

Desi Boyz was a half baked film. It had the potential though. There are so many nitpick that I can’t even begin to mention. It’s wastage of time, energy and vocabulary. However the saving grace of the film was its music by Pritam and the bloopers that rolled at the end credits.

Watch Desi Boyz if you have nothing better to do this weekend!

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Comments (3)
  • abrar shett- 10 years ago

    I think you shouldn't expect anything but thorough entertainment from a John Abraham+ Akshay Kumar Film and that's what it gives!

  • Sanjay from- 10 years ago

    I have nothing do whether its hit or flop, how much it earns , i want my money back , its very bad, stupid movie. Can I get my money back its comedy is so childish , unfunny , loud , Taarak mehta ka oolta chasma is much beter to watch then spending so much money , or if u want to laugh tell someone to tickle you , better option , wish I had viewed below reviews before going to watch it I now regret. alert people before wasting their money.

  • JAYSON- 10 years ago

    i have not seen yet this movie