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AdAsia 2011 Day 2: Navigating through a fragmented media

The current level of fragmentation of the media poses a huge challenge for brands and media agencies have to be in a position to find the best route to engage with customers

BestMediaInfo Bereau | Delhi | November 3, 2011

The session on ‘Media fragmentation: How to navigate through traffic?’ took stock of how the media has been evolving rapidly in recent years and efforts of advertisers to find the best ways to leverage the media for getting maximum return. However, the challenge is getting tougher thanks to uncertainties in the environment, felt the panellists. There are business uncertainties, consumer uncertainties and media uncertainties.

The panellists were Kelly Clark, Worldwide CEO, Maxus; Mainardo De Nardis, CEO, OMD Worldwide; and Hari Krishnan, Country Manager, LinkedIn India. The session was moderated by Bob O’Leary, MD, Head of Global Marketing, Consumer, Citi.

O’Leary started off by asking his panellists about the critical areas of focus and what challenges needed to be tackled to shape the markets of today and in the future. As he pointed out, China and India, with a population of over a billion each, truly represent an unprecedented potential for engaging consumers.

The panelists were unanimous that for some time now everyone has been talking about the pace of change being faster than before and choices are at an all-time high. Collectively, Asia today has 4,600 TV channels, 9,000 newspaper titles, 44,600 magazines, 5,400 radio stations, 3.1 million outdoor sites and 27,000 cinema screens, all vying for consumer attention. If this was not enough, human behaviour too is changing rapidly. With all the new technologies, new choices and new behavior, it had become critical to rise to the challenge of this new and complex landscape and develop strategies and execute activations.

Clark said that the biggest challenge that one faced as an industry is that of talent. “Finding people who are comfortable with change, who are curious and intensely interested in outcomes and results is the key to be able to navigate such a complex fragmented media environment,” he said.

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