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AdAsia 2011 Day 2: Creating new role models - through TED

The global platform that encourages unique ideas, is turning its face to India in a big way

Neha Saraiya | Delhi | November 3, 2011

Soon after the lunch organised by Percept Hakuhudo in a typical Japanese fashion, the session titled ‘TED/INK - The new age of advertising’ began on a spirited note, hosted by Ronda Carnegie, Head of Global Partnerships, TED, along with Lakshmi Pratury, Host, The INK.

Carnegie began by throwing a question at the audience: “Is it better to be interesting or interested?” And pat came her own reply: “Of course, Interested!”

Then she played a video that showed how scientists, designers, techies and mavericks from all fields form a part of TED, which is a global platform for sharing ideas. She explained, “We believe there is a social value in sharing ideas. Ideas can be social objects around which a community can aggregate and connect.”

The next point she brought into focus was about ‘creating a framework and let the community drive’. This was supported by an example: in order to support TED events, 300 taxi drivers volunteered to spread awareness about the objective and mission of the platform.

Another aspect that Carnegie touched upon was ‘Ads worth spreading’. Under this initiative, TED shares videos based on six categories including ‘cultural compass’, ‘creative wonder’, ‘brand bravery’, ‘story telling’, ‘talk’ and ‘social good’.

This was followed by a video that showed practitioners among the agencies sharing an idea and executing it in an exciting manner.

Towards the end of the session, Pratury stated, “We bought TED to India to create new role models and put them on a global stage.” She then shared some interesting stories of real life people who have participated through TED.


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