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Movie Review: Mausam

Mausam doesn’t live up to its expectation. I feel cheated after watching the promos

By Jyotsna Kumar

A new trend has taken over Bollywood where novel filmmakers spend more time working on their film promos as opposed to their film. Therefore, what we witness on our idiot box is far more intriguing than the film itself. Mausam is the latest victim to this trend. The film promos promised an eternal journey of love between Aayat and Harry over a period of ten years. But the way the film proceeds, that earnestness is lost.

Aayat (Sonam Kapoor) is a displaced Kashmiri girl who finds herself in an alien terrain post Kashmir insurgency where she meets Harinder Singh (Shahid Kapoor) aka Harry. Their love blossoms and soon gets blemished by the sudden turn of political events: Ayodhya dispute, Mumbai Bomb blast, Kargil war, September 11 attack, and Gujarat riots. As world simmers to the fury and succumb to the violence, Aayat and Harry constant struggle to be with each other over passing years, through these turbulent landscapes continues.

The film starts like a beautiful morning. The rustic backdrop, loads of atmospherics, Sonam’s shy femininity and Shahid’s boyish buoyancy and the spontaneity of the entire ensemble cast as villagers was pleasant yet captivating. Sonam and Shahid’s stolen glances, unexpressed feelings, the implicit romance gives enough depth to the old fashioned style of romance. Must say the vintage romance was minutely observed and was beautifully captured by Binod Pradhan’s cinematography. Pritam’s music only added sweet flavour to the entire setting. But post that is when Pankaj Kapoor loses his grip. The film never recovered from the pursuit of languorous, slow, steady, moody, beautiful first half. Unfortunately, Scotland and Switzerland couldn’t compensate the misty beautiful greens, mustard fields of the rustic background. Also after a while, the endless encounters between Harry and Aayat became almost unbearable. Shahid’s daredevil act as an Indian Air Force pilot too loses its depth as he battles too many odds: trying to connect with his love, enemy bunkers, Tiger Hill and the devastating battle injury. As an audience you too would struggle through these odd events. But if you manage to sail through, do keep this word of caution in your mind during the climax: stay clam and if possible don’t hesitate to laugh, because the climax does everything to tickle your funny bone. It is so bizarre and silly that you can’t think of any other emotion.

Sonam looked enchantingly beautiful. However, her native innocence was far more appealing than her style diva persona. Shahid looked smashing in the uniform. He looked like the Bollywood version of Tom Cruise in Top Gun. However, not even once he looked tired while flying those jets or nervous while taking on his enemy or a near plane crash experience. Moving on, the most disappointing department of the film was its screenplay. There was no closure to the frame- it starts and ends haphazardly. Little nuances were envisaged so beautifully but due to the disappointing screenplay, all in vain. My conclusion- Mausam doesn’t live up to its expectation. I feel cheated after watching the promos.

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Comments (5)
  • Arnab Kumar- 10 years ago

    To all the people who have stated that Mausam is below expectation.....actually the indian audience has lost the apetite to watch a full length movie. Pankaj kapoor being a debudant director has done an excellent job. The movie captures all the major terrorist activities in india, and with it is woven a wonderful love story. The large plot and complexity has been handled extremely well.

  • SK- 10 years ago

    Mr Pankaj Kapur, Lots of money and effort wasted. Your movie has some real major flaws - 1. Trying to connect too many dots - Babri, Mum Blasts, Kargil, 9/11 & Godhra. Viewer just gets fatigued trying to juggle through all of this. 2. Haphazard & Illogical - Mains leads keep meeting and separating endlesslessly. Everything is so disconnected. People live in Scottland and Switzerland but are so technologically challenged that they dont have an email id. Shahid and Sonam wasted 5+ years just trying to connect - difficult to digest. 3. Long duration & Unecessary Stuff - With promos, interval, it is effectively a 3 h 10 m movie. Too long to tolerate. On top of it, few scenes have ZERO connection to storyline and could have been easily deleted. e.g. the small girl child saving scene etc etc. Sorry Pankaj, you lost it this time!

  • SUbhodeep- 10 years ago

    Not like that

  • Vinod- 10 years ago

    I just watched Mausam today and I would recommend everyone to see it. It is an excellent film!!

  • Biswa Singh- 10 years ago

    I am a movie freak and after watching movies for years this is the first time I am trying to write a review for a movie. First of all I hate the reviews which tell the story of the movie because we don’t want to hear the story, what we want to know from a review is that whether a movie is worth watching in two minutes when we read the review. The movie was Mausam and the place was Cineworld, The O2 Arena, London. What a poor movie for such an internationally recognized place. Pankaj Kapoor is a great actor but unfortunately he turns out to be a rather terrible director. Primarily it’s a love story but he also tried to touch subject religion, terrorism and war but none of the subjects were elaborated or given justice, not even the love story. I think they were there just to increase the length of the movie and believe me it’s very long movie as per today’s standard, almost three and half hours which is incredible for a movie which does not have anything to tell. Bad story always leads to bad direction which in turn does not give any scope for acting. About music I don’t even remember any of the songs. Not to my surprise people were laughing and talking other stuff during the movie. I also checked few reviews by critics who gave good ratings to this movie and I feel there should be a rating for the critics also, sometimes they are just pathological liars. I am giving this movie ONE STAR for testing my patience. I left the theater 15 min before so did not see the ending. Hope my review help you.