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WATBlog announces WATSummit 2012 – Dawn of the Digital Age

The 2-day event includes WATAwards 2012 to honour Web, Advertising & Technology stalwarts.

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | August 26, 2011

WATBlog announces WATSummit 2012 – Dawn of the Digital Age, to be held at Holiday Inn, Mumbai on January 20th and 21st, 2012. An annual event by WATBlog, the summit aims to bring together visionaries from digital and advertising space along with the finest and brightest digital media professionals. The Summit will also include WAT Awards 2012, where Web, Advertising & Technology stalwarts, contributing to the productivity and innovation excellence, will be recognized and honored.

Rajiv Dingra, Founder & CEO, WATMedia Pvt. Ltd. said, “The fast changing landscape of Digital media is leading to a dawn of the digital age which is creating both content and access to content simultaneously. The influx of devices like playbook, ipad and smartphones is changing our media consumption habits dramatically. To us WATSummit is an event marks the beginning of a digital age never seen before.”

WATSummit 2012 will be a 2 day event dedicated to panels and networking, along with workshops and stalls exhibiting the cutting edge in digital media. India is witnessing the dawn of the digital age where devices and access will be omnipresent.40 high profile speakers will be present at the summit sharing top-notch content. The summit on Day 1 will witness the WAT Awards 2012 night. WATSummit 2012 is bigger and better giving everyone an opportunity to network with stalwarts from Indian Digital Media.

WATSummit will include discussions on Internet Penetration and Increase in the Digital Media Pie. The Summit will also highlight the budgets allocated by the industry, inferring the rise and importance of digital presence felt by various Corporates and Brands. ‘Content is King but why is it free?’ will be a topic that is expected to attract many.

The second day will focus on the Socialization of the Web in the past year.Advertising campaigns on social networks will be subjected with a focus on clicks and conversations. The day will also see the much talked about creative brilliance in the social media circuit. Second day of the Summit will conclude with a panel discussion on Start-Ups V/s Venture Capitalists Perspective.

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