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Pizza Hut revamped in its new campaign

Conceptualized by JWT, the new TVC highlight various facets of new avatar of Pizza Hut; watch the TVC here.

Neha Saraiya | Delhi | August 9, 2011

As a part of the transition journey to becoming the world’s leading affordable casual dining restaurant, Pizza Hut has launched a new national campaign to highlight various facets of their new avatar. Amongst the multiple initiatives taken by the brand to revamp the ambience, strengthen the service and communication, the new TVC will focus on the larger variety of offerings like Skewers, Shakes, Mojitos, Pastas, Gelatos, Cheesecakes, over and above Pizzas, which have been introduced at Pizza Hut.

The ad begins with four friends dressed in early 30’s era costumes arriving at Pizza Hut. The friend who is at the wheel goes to park the car, asking the others to order his ‘usual’. His friends enter Pizza Hut and are seated with the server asking them to try the new range. The friends are surprised to see a wide variety of food in the menu. As they try the new Skewers, Shakes, Mojitos, Pastas, Gelatos, Cheesecake, they get completely transformed from their old ‘black and white’ look into a cool, modern style. The film ends with the fourth friend, still donned in the 30s style entering Pizza Hut and being unable to recognize his transformed friends.

Speaking about the campaign, Sunay Bhasin, Head - Marketing, Pizza Hut India said “The consumers today are looking for an enhanced dining experience which is a combination of a comfortable ambience, service and a large variety of choices. While we are the market leaders in great tasting and high quality pizzas, very few people are aware of the large variety of choices like Skewers, Shakes, Mojitos, Pastas, Gelatos, Cheesecake over and above the Pizzas, that we offer for every palate. The new campaign will help us in reaching out to consumers who are unaware of our new avatar and we have used the device of tasteful transformation to highlight the All New Pizza Hut."


“The new Pizza Hut film comes from a simple observation - people walk into Pizza Hut, expecting to eat their favourite pizzas only. But the truth is that now Pizza Hut has a great new menu and the task of the film was to communicate this change. For this we needed people say and believe that Pizza Hut is about "Pizzas and much more". So we came from the creative idea that people who still think Pizza Hut serves only pizzas are outdated.

The creative execution shows four friends stuck in the past (visually underlined by them being of the black and white era). They walk into Pizza Hut, are surprised with the new menu and transformed into modern new people as they start eating the great new menu.” said Anupama Ramaswamy and Simran Sahni,AVP & Senior Creative Director, JWT Delhi.

The new menu is available at all 120 Pizza Hut dine-in restaurants across 34 cities to tantalize your taste buds. The All New Pizza Hut campaign will be promoted through a robust 360 degree marketing campaign with television, on-ground, digital and social media. Customers can also log on to the Pizza Hut Facebook page (Pizza Hut Celebrations) to discover more and share their experience.


Creative Agency: JWT, Delhi

Production House: Cutting Edge

Director: Sam Bryant

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  • Kiran- 8 years ago

    Really like Pizza hut new advertisement campaign.