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Parker Pens associates with Aaarakshan; launches integrated TVC

Parker plans more campaigns around the brand in both traditional and new media in coming months.

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | August 16, 2011

Parker Pens known as an aspirational brand and truly a Pen the world respects, has associated with the upcoming film Aarakshan. The character of Amitabh – A man of values, integrity and class embodies what Parker stands for as a brand today.

“This alliance for us is a step towards creating an innovation for the brand – by aligning with an entertainment platform, thereby reaching out to our consumers.  In the coming months there shall be more activities around the brand in both traditional and new media. This year we are coming up with many new products some of which shall be launched first only in India. Our Focus on Merchandising has always remained a strong point for the brand”, said Ganesh Mahalingam, President, Business Operations Luxor Group .  “Both AB & Parker are great performers. Both have enduring values of great consistency, quality and high standards. Both are world class. Brand Parker has always been an epitome of being high heritage, class, with lasting values. Both Parker and the character that Amitabh plays in this film stand for knowledge, lineage and value. So the fit is perfect”, he further added.

A co-branded TV campaign has been launched across national channels which blends the brand & film seamlessly in a creative that links Amitabh’s character as a Professor & his persona with Parker Pens.

Says Sharda Ratnam, Vice President, Branded Content, Blue Bang Media & Entertainment, the agency behind the alliance, “The Creative was developed keeping in mind ideologies of Amitabh Bachchan’s role in Aarakshan weaving it seamlessly to blend with Parker & his own association with the brand.  The key idea behind “Values the world respects, Words the world respects……”, lines from the TVC, stems from the core philosophy of Bachchan’s  inspirational character in the film & what he stands for projecting the image of respect & class that people would aspire to."


Prakash Jha, Producer & Director of Aarakshan, states, “Aarakshan and Parker Pens have a strong synergy, that's why we decided to go ahead with this tieup. Parker spells character and solidity...  just like the character of Prabhakar Anand, played by Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. Mr. Bachchan plays the principal of a college, respected for his ideals and values. Parker, also has a similar brand equity... It is a brand that inspires trust, and reflects an innate integrity. These brand values tie- in beautifully with the lead character of Aarakshan - the inspiring college principal Dr. Prabhakar Anand. A collaboration between Aarakshan and Parker Pens was thus logical. We are happy to be collaborating with Parker Pens."

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  • Nikhil Sabl- 10 years ago

    Prakhash Jha and Amitabh Bachchan didn't even cared about 1.2 Billion Indians and kept the notion till film got released that it is on debate of Aarakshn. But far from debate, the film tries to recreate a nightmare, a political conspiracy, that Dalits fear of worst. The conspiracy of creating mass of India into Harijan. Understanding deeply Harijan simply means slaves or more like zombies of exploitative classes, which are privileged caste Hindus in India. Anyone who has read Dr BR Ambedka's book WHAT CONGRESS AND GANDHI HAVE DONE TO THE UNTOUCHABLES can easily grasp this theme in the film. Further there was no debate so the notion and chap jokes were kept to exploit the prejudice against SC/ST/OBC ie 600 million people. If Indian government would have been sensitive and had proper representation, this movie could have been banned from all India. Further, judiciary is also not separate from such favoritism and every one knows it. So a bench of brhamin judge for a brhamin filmmaker. No need to say we know the decision would come in Jha's favor and will try to crush Mayawati.