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National Geographic Channel brings new show Nat Geo Rush

Promises to showcase the most thrilling, jaw-dropping, never before seen moments on Mon-Fri at 10pm.

August 1, 2011:

Exhilarating, mind blowing, incredibly rare moments now have a new destination, as National Geographic Channel rolls out ‘Nat Geo RUSH’. Starting August 1, 2011 Nat Geo Rush will showcase the most thrilling, jaw-dropping, never before seen moments ever showcased on television. Brace yourself for thirty minutes of back-to-back action on weeknights at 10 pm.

Jumps, drops, rescues, crashes, strange cults and much more - NGC Rush will go across a wide spectrum of genres right from wild nature to natural disasters, science and technology to real life incidents to bring you the most awe-inspiring action and drama packed in a thirty minute capsule. Experience an adrenalin rush like never before with spine-chilling sights like death defying jumps from snow covered mountain peaks, incredible rescue landing of a passenger jet after its body was ripped open mid-air, legendary fights between Cape Buffalos and Lions to the suspenseful secrets behind engineering defying structures like the Colosseum amphitheatre in Rome all at once on NGC Rush.

Speaking about the new series, Keertan Adyanthaya, Managing Director for NGC Network India & FOX International Channels said “At National Geographic Channel we constantly endeavor to bring to our viewers entertainment, that is invigorating, dynamic, rare and at the same time informative and inspiring. NGC Rush is a collection of the best rush and high impact moments of Nat Geo ranging from  investigations, wildlife, natural phenomenon, adventure, exploration, engineering and technology, archeological finds and futuristic science. The show promises to be a fast paced, slick, adrenaline driven rollercoaster ride for the viewers of National Geographic Channel.”

NGC Rush will be promoted through a robust 360 degree marketing campaign deploying multiple platforms right from television, outdoor, radio, mobile and through social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Log on to facebook.com/natgeotv.india to check out the exclusive video clips of the show along with other interesting details. Keep watching this space for other thrilling updates on Nat Geo Rush.


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