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Interview: Siddharth Agarwal, Founder & CEO, Mobicule

Siddharth discuses what, when and where is happening in the Enterprise Mobility Segment.

Last year the enterprise mobility scaled up to Rs. 453 crores, and this time it is expected to reach up to 1,387 crore by 2013-2014 galloping at a compound annual growth rate of 13.75%. The push of Google’s Android, Microsoft’s wiondows7 and Apple’s iphone platforms is changing the face of the Mobility on the go. And needless to say, driving workplace mobility is also quite a hot-cake as it enables the companies to not only gain competitive advantage but also improve costs with an increase in revenue velocity.

In conversation with Neha Saraiya of, Siddharth Agarwal, Founder and CEO, Mobicule talks about the latest action happening in the mobility space and what’s new in store for the industry. Here are the excerpts…

Q) You have a consumer application titled Fonebackup, which allows users to back up their handsets. How do you market such products to the end consumer?

We have marketed Fonebackup through multiple online applications stores which aggregate and market various mobile phone applications. These sites are very popular with users looking specifically for mobile apps. We have also tied up with resellers in markets such as Africa and South East Asia who market the product in their geographies. Locally we run promotional campaigns during various events and are now looking to promote the product through various large format stores. However marketing of mobile applications has taken a new dimension with various app stores and social media marketing.

Q) With Apple and Android, entering the enterprise mobility segment with different form factors, mobility has now developed a new face. What initiatives are you taking on this front?

We have already ported our msales product (mobile based sales order management) on Android and porting of other products is work in progress. We will follow this up with porting on iPhone. We have seen higher demand on the Android platform for enterprise mobility hence we have prioritized Android over iPhone.

Q) With the market being flooded by number of Apps, how do companies or brands keep a check on the apps front and not just devices? It is definitely going to be a challenge keeping a check on these given the sheer rate of innovation that is happening on the mobile applications front. It wouldn’t be surprising to see some major companies dedicating a small team going forth to evaluate applications that will value add to their business.

Q) Your client base largely includes retailers like Shopper's Stop and HyperCity Retail. Why the other sectors are not leveraging this technological platform  as much to augment their businesses? All sectors are realizing the value of mobility and largely have started developing a mobile strategy. Mobility is a must have in certain sectors such as Distribution and retail where productivity and efficiency was suffering in the past due to unavailability of such a channel earlier. Retail giants were the first to sign us up followed by FMCG, Consumer Electronic and the Cement and Fertilizer industry which are now on our updated client list.

Q) How do you see this industry shaping up in future? We are very upbeat and see a great potential in this industry similar to a scenario seen a decade ago when web technology picked up over traditional desktop based applications. Mobile will be the channel of choice for enterprises and consumers alike where people will be connected on the move with various types of devices such as mobile phones, tablets and handheld computers. Mobile will replace a lot of traditional modes today such as money transfers, video communication, diaries and a lot more and this means a lot of areas where companies can develop and market innovative products using this technology.

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