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Bournvita Quiz Contest returns after 4 years on COLORS

India’s longest running quiz show premiers on 14th August and takes 10.30 am slot on Sundays.

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | August 9, 2011

After launching some of the highest rated format shows on Indian television, COLORS along with Cadbury has announced the launch of India’s most popular quiz show “The Bournvita Quiz Contest”. The show will be returning to television after a gap of 4 years and will be seen on COLORS every Sunday at 10:30 am starting 14th August 2011. The show is expected to bring back a sense of nostalgia to a lot of people who have been familiar with the show while at the same time introducing today's generation to the joys of quizzing with quizmaster Derek O'Brien.

Speaking about the show Derek O’ Brien the host of Bournvita Quiz Contest said, “I am extremely delighted knowing that this show is making a comeback.  I am looking forward to working with the COLORS team and I'm sure we'll be able to recreate the magic that made this show such a success over the years. The format of the show has been redesigned to showcase some interesting and exciting twists and to reach to a wider audience." He further added that there was a huge online movement on Facebook and other social media to bring back the program.

Raj Nayak, CEO of COLORS said, "COLORS is always on the lookout for interesting show ideas. So when the idea of bringing back Bournvita Quiz Contest first came to us, we thought what could be better than resurrecting a well loved quiz show that we all have fond memories of. If you were a kid growing up in India in the 90s, you probably watched Bournvita Quiz Contest on TV pretty religiously. While the concept of the show will remain the same, the format is being tweaked slightly to reflect changing times. The show will once again be telecast on Sundays like it used to be earlier. I believe that this show will help us in connecting with our audiences while at the same time allow the channel to bring in some distinctively interesting content in our show offerings."

“We are excited with the exceptional response received on Facebook to bring back BQC.” said Narayan Sundararaman, Director for Powdered Beverages, Gum & Candy, Cadbury India. He further said, “BQC has a proud tradition of past winners becoming stalwarts in their respective fields and we are glad to introduce BQC on air once again, with Derek O’Brien.”

The Cadbury Bournvita Quiz Contest started out in 1972 as a live quiz show that was held in cities across India and has since been the country’s longest running quiz show. It then moved to being a radio show, before being picked up by channels in the ’90s. The original hosts of the live show were Hamid Sayani and later, his brother Ameen Sayani. But BQC’s most popular host has been Derek O’Brien, who has since authored several quiz books as well.

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