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A beverage brand unveils a unique teaser campaign

Titled as the ‘The coolest job’, the campaign is being promoted heavily through the social medium.

Neha Saraiya | Delhi | August 24, 2011

We all want to follow the ‘work hard and party harder’ mantra in our lives, lest we do it. But a 75 year old beverage company planning to launch its flagship brand in the country is scouting for applicants possessing these skills. Yes, they want people to meet their deadlines during day and their friends at night, attend the most happening parties in the city and be the talk of the town!

No formal qualifications are needed for the job, but willing candidates must be above 21 years of age, with an ability to handle the spotlight and swear by the motto of the company.

And the whopper is that in return, the applicant will receive a salary of Rs 100000 per month.

This is the teaser campaign being promoted by the beverage company since last few weeks on social networking sites including facebook.

Spokesperson of the brand, explains, “The objective of the campaign is to select individuals who embody the spirit of the brand- viz.'work hard- party hard' and in the process build an affinity group for the brand,”

The campaign is being advertised as the ‘The Coolest Job’ through its communication tactic wherein a community page has been created on facebook with the title that invites the candidates to apply for the job through the app. The requisites for the application process require the applicant to fill in a profile about him/her self. Like ‘Why you deserve the collest job?’, ‘Express yourself in a video’ et al.

‘A collaborative effort between the creative partners and us led to this idea that is based on four key principles,’ Spokesperson of the brand told “A) To be disruptive yet relevant, in a category where most brand launches are usually formulaic. b) To reach out to people who genuinely connect with the brand's philosophy, even without the brand reveal. C) Unlike other platforms on social networks where people follow brands than the ethos. D) To make the brand promise experiential than simply limiting it to clever advertising.

Besides the online medium, the head hunters on job have also used dailies, magazines and radio- with the intent of leading people to

The job that is being advertised through all major platforms has already achieved thousands of likes of on facebook with thousands of applicants for the job within a month of its launch.

Candidates have until 15th September to submit their applications for the coolest job.

The spokesperson says, “The next step on the brand will be to engage and reward people who embody the brand's spirit and have shown an interest in the coolest job.”

The brand is yet to reveal its identity, but the rumours are ripe that it’s a popular beverages brand, SABMiller.

A similar kind of advertising campaign was launched in 2009, described as the ‘World’s best job’ for

Tropical Island off the Queensland coast, Australia. The candidate was required to work as a caretaker and receive a salary of £70,000) for six months with a rent-free dwelling at a three-bedroom villa, complete with pool.

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    the ad was catching