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BuzzInContent claims to be India’s first and largest movie database

Provides reviews on the basis of aggregates of critics reviews and social media trends.

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | June 29, 2011 is a web-based destination site committed to bringing the most complete information on Indian movies across languages to movie lovers in India. Muvi aims at being the largest database of Indian movies. It is about information – movie and celebrity – ranging from Alam Ara to, Himanshu Rai to Ranveer Singh. Information, that is completely accurate as it is vetted by bona fide sources. Presently, there are no movie database sites in India. All movie websites in India are centered on gossip and page 3 news

Commenting on the thought behind starting the website, Anshuman Das, Founder & CEO, says, “Though, in India, there are several movie related websites, but there is no comprehensive source to find movie information such as New Trailers or posters, information on old movies and the list of upcoming movies of a star etc. Most existing websites do not have structured data on movies like their western counterparts IMDB, Flixster and Rottentomatoes”

Another unique feature of is wide-ranging review, unlike provided by any other website world over. offers a median review on the latest releases through aggregating and averaging the reviews of all prominent movie critics, and movie related messages from Facebook friends and Twitter using a proprietary ‘Social Relevance’ technology that taps into movie related messages on Facebook and Twitter, and captures overall essence of people’s reaction to the substance of a movie.

Facebook is used to muster the reactions of friends and families and Twitter to encapsulate public opinion on the movie. It also has a social layer that connects to your friends on social networks and show their likes and interest in the movies.

Thus, is the only site where people can get access to reviews from a variety of critics in India and the only website worldwide that integrates movies with social networking.

Elaborating on the product strategy, Sanjib Parida, Co-founder & Head of Engineering, says, “In a world where the collections over opening weekend decide the fate of a movie, drawing fringe viewers to theatres is vital for production houses. Surely, critic review and peer opinion are two big influencers for these people. is also a platform for movie production houses to publish their contents and create a public tend towards it

Movie production houses in the US have several online outlets such as imdb,, rottentomatoes and flixter to publish their contents such as trailers, posters and other movie related content. provides first such platform for movie production houses in India. is a Microsoft Bizspark startup. The website was launched a couple of weeks back with a database of 5000 movies, and since then has been adding significantly to the number by the hour. In just couple of weeks it has attracted noteworthy traction of around 200 unique visitors per day. “What’s more heartening is the industry response. We have spoken with more than a few industry veterans and senior executives from major production houses. The promise that holds has exalted their interest and all have reacted favorably. They are keenly interested in the development of the product,” adds Anshuman Das.

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