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Aamir Khan-Kiran Rao on Ke Hobey Banglar Kotipoti on Mahuaa Bangla

For the first time ever Bollywood Actor, Aamir Khan will be seen on Bengali television channel.

June 28, 2011:

Mahuaa Bangla, the most promising Bengali General Entertainment Channel has announced that Bollywood actor Aamir Khan would occupy the hot seat on a special episode of ‘Ke Hobey Banglar Kotipoti’ with his wife Kiran Rao. The Show ‘Ke Hobey Banglar Kotipoti’ the Bengali version of ‘Who wants to be a Millionaire’ is already a hit show on Mahuaa Bangla with the host Sourav Ganguly, bringing new dimensions to entertainment on the small screen. The weekly celebrity episodes are also becoming equally popular.

Aamir Khan and Sourav Ganguly long standing friends will play the game with the singular objective of winning Rs. 1 crore. and Aamir Khan will share the “Hot Seat” with his wife Kiran Rao to ensure that they win  the maximum possible for their favorite charity. Aamir Khan is well acquainted with the format of the show as he had appeared on Hindi KBC long time back. With his penchant for perfection and professionalism the passionate actor, director, producer, Aamir Khan will captivate the audiences with his ready wit and presence of mind. The viewers of this show would get a rare chance to see the spark of intelligence between the two iconic personalities – Aamir and Sourav.

Announcing the special episode with Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao, Yubaraj Bhattacharya, CEO, Mahuaa Bangla said, “We are overjoyed to have the celeb couple Aamir Khan and Kiran on this show. We at Mahuaa Bangla want to scale new heights and set a benchmark in creating exciting programmes. We are committed to millions of our viewers to bring the best of entertainment to their drawing rooms. We believe that our holistic offering, slice of life shows, innovation in programs will match their expectations.”

The man behind this “Ke Hobey Banglar Kotipoti” is none other than the grand quiz master of India Siddhartha Basu and his leading production house BIG Synergy, who have licensed the format for the region from 2waytraffic, a Sony company, and produced all the previous editions of this game-show.

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