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Zee News launches B2B campaign 'For The Sake Of News'

The campaign is designed to reach out to the Media and Advertising industry inviting feedback on this project.

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | May 9, 2011

Zee News launched a pan India B2B campaign on May 5th with the objective of providing corporate world a peep into the realm of Hindi news genre.

Over a period of time, the sanctity of news has got diluted in India. Zee News is aware of its responsibility as the fourth estate and understands the importance of serious news content and the credibility it brings with it, especially during Prime Time – when the nation switches on a news channel for updates on current affairs and important happenings of the day.

Emphasizing on the need for the campaign, Zee News Limited CEO, Barun Das said, “More often than not we are faced with the unfortunate incidence of channels passing off entertainment content as news on prime time. Not only do we frown upon the violation of the inviolability of news, but feel that such practices - solely for the purpose of garnering numbers - grossly underestimate the audiences’ intellect. Viewers today are not just discerning, they genuinely want to be informed citizens. Our campaign is aimed at bringing back ‘seriousness of purpose’ in dissemination of news.”

Rohit Kumar, DVP - Marketing, added, “In today’s scenario, hype and triviality are presented in the garb of news. Zee News is initiating a pan India campaign to open a debate about ‘News that is’ and ‘News that should be’. Zee News hopes that this effort will improve the state of news content in today’s times.”

His statement is supported by the nature of content on Hindi News channels. According to a report, Zee News delivers 97.4% pure news whereas other channels are heavily into entertainment content (showing approximately over 25% entertainment content, Source : Centre for Media Studies).

Zee News acknowledges the intelligence of its viewers and the need for a serious and credible news channel. Keeping ‘pure’ news as its primary objective, Zee News has emerged strongly as the most preferred news channel. As per TAM data, Zee News is the Nation’s No.1 News channel during Prime Time in the Hindi speaking market.

The communication of the campaign has been designed to highlight the USP of Zee News, a promise to its viewers to deliver relevant and credible news. Through this initiative, the channel will reach out to the Media and Advertising industry and invite its feedback on this project.

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