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Gemfields launches global marketing campaign in India

Titled as Uniquely You, the campaign will feature creatives in leading consumer and lifestyle magazines.

Neha S | Delhi | April 6, 2011

For centuries, beautiful women have adorned themselves in emeralds. They were Cleopatra’s treasure, gifted from Napoleon to Josephine, collected by Maharani Gayatri Devi and owned by screen legends such as Marlene Dietrich, Greta Garbo and Elizabeth Taylor.  In an initiative to rebrand Zambian emeralds worldwide, Gemfields is debuting the world’s first emerald advertising campaign across India: “Uniquely You”.

“India is the fastest growing jewellery market in the world and gemstones are an integral part of the culture,” notes Ian Harebottle, Gemfields CEO. “The country’s rich emerald history is a perfect launch site for our definitive message on Gemfields emeralds, including the innate characteristics of the gems itself, our ethical mining concerns and the significant value they present to the market.”

The tagline, “Uniquely You”, references both the gemstone and the woman who wears it. Each precious gem’s distinct, regal quality ensures that it is “Uniquely You” and adds an element of individuality and elegance to each wearer. The campaign will reintroduce affluent women to the defining and alluring characteristics of the fabled green gemstone; gems that have been prized and valued by women of substance throughout the ages.

Emeralds often incorporate jardins, or fissures, that prove each gem to be one-of-a-kind masterpieces. Gemfields asserts that each and every emerald consumer is also a standout individual: Women who choose emeralds – including Angelina Jolie, Cate Blanchett and Julianne Moore – dare to be different, embracing both the rarity and beauty of such a rare and distinctive gem.

Emeralds have a long and prolific history in India. Worn by royalty, leaders and noted celebrities in years past, the green gem is being embraced by the general public now more than ever before. The bridal market is a major catalyst: In the last three years, India has seen a significant increase in emerald sets purchased for weddings.

Besides the unique colour of Zambian emeralds (a natural rich saturated green to a vibrant green with slight bluish undertones), Gemfields offers a product that addresses ethical and social concerns. Gemfields has created the world’s first integrated pipeline to bring emeralds directly from the mine to the international market. This means that consumers will now be able to trace the origin of each gem from the source and can follow its journey to purchase.

The campaign, created by Simmonds Ltd, showcases classic emerald jewellery on a contemporary woman, once again proving an emerald’s allure is timeless. The “Uniquely You” India Campaign will feature creatives in leading consumer and lifestyle magazines.


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