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BBC World News brings Horizons

BBC to roam all around the world to find out the business ideas and areas that could shape mankind’s future.

April 14, 2011

BBC World News is to travel the globe exploring the business world of the future in Horizons, a new series beginning on 6 May.

Presented by the award-winning business journalist Adam Shaw, well-known in the UK to listeners of the Today programme on BBC Radio 4 and viewers of Panorama on BBC television, the series will run for 20 episodes, visiting countries all over the world to find out about the business ideas and areas that could shape mankind’s future.

The first episode finds the team in Kenya, before later programmes see them moving on to Germany, the UK, India, the Netherlands and Hong Kong, with further locations to be added later in the series. The series will examine issues and areas such as clean energy, rising sea levels, diminishing resources, health, communication, transport and construction.

Adam Shaw, presenter of Horizons, says, “We’ve been travelling the world, often in some quite extreme locations, in what we hope will be an intriguing and inspiring tour of the boundaries of innovation.  Our brief is to look at the ideas and business areas that are really going to have an impact on how we live in the future, and assess the big issues they could tackle.”

Paul Gibbs, Senior Commissioner, BBC Global News, adds, “Our aim is to take stock of the way businesses and people are working to confront the problems everyone on earth faces.  These are pivotal questions around security, energy, how we feed ourselves and how we get around – that’s rich source material and we think it will make for a really interesting series.”

The Horizons series, which is sponsored by DuPont, broadcasts worldwide from 6 May. It will air on Fridays at 23:30, Saturdays at 08:30, Sundays at 14:30 and Sundays at 21:30 (all times GMT).

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