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Triton Launches New Campaign For Wagh Bakri Tea

As a part of mass media campaign, a Brand TVC is already on-air; watch the TVC here.

Neha S | Delhi | March 9, 2011

Gujarat Tea Processors Private Limited has launched a new ad campaign for its Wagh Bakri Tea brand. The campaign is conceptualized by GTPPL’s creative agency Triton Communications.

Wagh Bakri tea, an over 100 year old brand is one of the largest tea houses on India. The brand was christened as Wagh Bakri a century ago based on a visionary philosophy of providing great quality tea that brings people together and allows them to forge relationships, even amongst those who are complete opposites. This is also reflected in their symbolof a tiger and a goat sharing a cup of tea. It is this brand philosophy that has been the pillar of its communication platform expressed as –“Wagh Bakri Chai, Hamesh Rishtey Banaye”.

The objective of this campaign is to fuel brand growth in the new markets by making the brand and its philosophy relevant to the consumer. Young housewife belonging to a growing middle class consumer population across India remains the core TG to be captured though this campaign.


The TVC starts showing a couple who has just shifted to a new residence
 the husband begins to miss his friends
 wife says don’t worry we can get friends here itself
 goes into the kitchen
 prepares Wagh Bakri tea
. A neighbor passing gets enticed by the aroma
 rings their bell and joins them in having a cup of tea
 loves the taste and calls his wife too
who is mesmerized by the color and calls her friend for a cup
  who in turn loves the tea and calls her husband and so on 
. A lot of people are suddenly friends with the new residents
 bringing alive the brand positioning of Wagh Bakri- Chai Jo Sab Ko Paas Bulaaye. Hamesha Rishte Banaye.

Today’s young couples are on the move migrating to different places to follow their dreams. Very often they move to places where they are total strangers and do not have a friends circle. They are looking for ways to break the ice and befriend  their neighbours to begin with and what better way than to invite them over for a cup of tea.

The agency has used this aspect of Wagh Bakri that it brings people together – beckons them and makes them bond over a cup to communicate the brands positioning and philosophy in a very unique and interesting manner.

Renton D’Sousa, Tritons’ National Strategy & Creative Director says, “Over the years Waghbakri talked about bringing together people from various walks of life, bringing together enemies, families and friends who had drifted apart due to family fights. In order to understand how to keep the brand philosophy relevant a national research was conducted. This showed that people today don’t have time to keep enemities, they choose to ignore such relationships and move on with life. Because of their busy lifes they have become very close knit and thus more insecure. We used this insight to make Wagh Bakri relevant and appealing to the prospective consumers. With the Nuclear families on the rise than ever before, with the income levels rising, more and more people are moving to new houses or people moving to bigger houses. The insecurity of leaving old friends behind and wondering about the new environment is always very high on a families mind.  We thought this would be a good life & mind stage of the prospect to make Wagh Bakri Teas proposition relevant”.

Added Ali Merchant, Founder Director Triton, “Consumer response both in terms of message, recall/ likeability and sales especially in the new markets has been over whelming.”

Credits: National Creative Director- Renton D’Sousa Executive Director ( Mumbai/ Pune) - Pankaj Arora Creative - Atul Purohit, Vinayak Pattar Client Servicing – Virendra Saini (Sr. VP), Rakesh Ramchandani (AVP) Production House- Milestone Films Director- Arjun Mukerjee Neha@BestMediaInfo.com

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