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Nickelodeon Gears-up With Special Programming During Holidays

Lines up a series of new shows this month; brand new kidswear range to hit stores in association with Liliput.

March 9, 2011

March is here Nicksters, and so are some of your all-time favorites on Nickelodeon. Take a break from all the studies and the books during this exam invasion, get ready to beat the heat with your coolest Nicktoons and become a fan of Nick India today on Facebook to get a whole lotta news, views & win some fun goodies!

Nickelodeon had a successful going with Nickelodeon Young Astronauts this February, as we received thousands of entries from across the country. The results would be announced soon on who would be the lucky kids to head to NASA, USA! So keep yourself updated through

Coming to the shows, fresh from the oven – is Perman! From March 7th at 5 pm catch all-new episodes of Perman, Monday to Friday! Perman’s group led by young Mitsuo own a special kit giving them super powers. They also get a robot of their own who acts as their clones when they are out saving the world.

The fundoo Atashin'chi team is also back with the super quirky family. Watch more drama and crazy happenings of Mikan & her family. Atashin'chi replaces Back at the Barnyard @ 04:00pm everyday from March 1.

March 1 onwards, Mighty Cat Masked Niyandar returns for a sophomore season. It’s the story of Nyago-Chan, a boy cat living in Cat Town, who is chosen to hold the identity of Mighty Cat Masked Niyandar. Follow his adventures Weekdays @ 11AM

Avatar, The Last Airbender returns this March too. Pick a team among – Water Tribes, Earth Kingdom or the Air Nomads and support the fight against the evil lords of Fire Nation. Avatar airs everyday @ 10:30PM from March 1

Dora the Explorer, your ever-adventurous explorer is now on Nickelodeon with a new time! Catch her with her adorable companion Boots and the very sneaky Swiper - Weekdays at 9am from March 1.

And all that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Get ready to flaunt your love for Nickelodeon, as soon to hit the stores are Nickelodeon’s Brand New Kidswear range in association with Liliput. And this time it’s Ninja Hatori, Dora the Explorer and Oggy & the Cockroaches who will be making the splash!

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