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Get inside access to Buffett & Gates in India with CNBC TV18

Daily updates from the sidelines as CNBC’s Beck Quick travels with the philanthropic billionaires.

March 23, 2011:

Warren Buffett and Bill Gates are in India, to convince the super-rich of the nation to part with their wealth for philanthropic causes, as part of their ‘The Giving Pledge’ campaign which started off in the United States of America. CNBC’s Becky Quick & CNBC-TV18’s Shereen Bhan will be alongside the duo for the entire trip with exclusive inside access.

Buffett is first slated to visit TaeguTec's factory near Bangalore's Electronic City, while, Gates will join the Ministers of Health, HRD & Science to mark World Tuberculosis Day. Gates and Buffett will then persuade Indian billionaires to join The Giving Pledge.

The Oracle of Omaha will be talking to Betty Quick and Shereen Bhan about the reason for his visit, the plans for the continent, the new investment opportunities he is looking at and more. Bill Gates who has been involved with philanthropy via the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in India, will be taking about his involvement & experiences in India over the past few years and his plans going forward. Additionally, CNBC-TV18 will carry interviews, exclusive updates on how their trip is progressing, their thoughts on India and all the breaking news around their visit.

Becky Quick is co-anchor of CNBC's signature morning program, Squawk Box. Previously, Quick, a seven-year veteran of The Wall Street Journal, covered the Wall Street beat for CNBC. She is one of the select journalists who Buffett speaks to and has chosen Quick for key interviews and interactions over the years.

Shereen Bhan is the Executive-Editor at CNBC-TV18, she has been producing and anchoring flagships shows like India Business Hour, Business Center and Young Turks for the past decade.

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