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Coca-Cola Rolls Out Brrr Campaign In India

The globally successful mass media campaign is conceptualized by McCann Erickson in India; watch the TVC here.

Neha S | Delhi | March 7, 2011

Unleashing a contagious wave of refreshment this summer, Coca-Cola India has unveiled the ‘Brrrrr’ campaign, the globally successful campaign for brand Coca-Cola. The latest communication is based on a spontaneous Brrr expression, an inexplicable and spontaneous feeling of upliftment one derives after sipping an icy cold Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola Brrr campaign is designed to serve as the platform for all integrated marketing initiatives for brand Coca-Cola globally. First in the series of campaigns for 2011, it features Bollywood Heartthrob and the Coca-Cola Brand Ambassador- Imran Khan. India is one of the first few strategic markets to roll out Coca-Cola Brrrrr campaign following its successful run across 41 markets globally.

The strategic communication for ‘Brrr’ in India has been conceptualized by the creative team of McCann Erickson - Prasoon Joshi, Executive Chairman McCann Worldgroup India , Regional Creative Director Asia Pacific McCann Worldgroup, Ashish Chakravarty, Creative Chief, Tirtha Ghosh, Creative Director and Nakul Sharma, Creative Director (Copy). The film, directed by Amit Sharma from Chrome Pictures, was rolled out on 6th March, Sunday.


The communication opens in classroom where an authoritarian professor is holding a Chemistry Class on a hot and sultry day. Amidst this boredom filled environment, our protagonist, Imran Khan playing the role of a young student, tries to garner attention of his friend from outside the classroom. He tries to give her a bottle of Coke through the window. Instead of the girl, an older hand reaches out at the bottle. Unaware of this, Imran tries to peep into the class to find the Chemistry professor staring sternly at him. The angry professor takes a sip of Coke and spontaneously does a BRRRR jig. Imran along with the entire class is shocked to see that and immediately after the professor breaks into laughter and so does the rest of the class. This is followed by various situations where people from different walks of life share their spontaneous reaction after having an ice-cold Coke and go Brrrr.

Speaking about the latest initiative, Prasoon Joshi, Executive Chairman McCann Worldgroup India , Regional Creative Director Asia Pacific McCann Worldgroup said, “I am extremely excited about the latest commercial that we have done for Coca-Cola. It’s a new concept and is inherent to the character of brand Coca-Cola. ‘Brrr’ is a perfect expression that one derives when one has an icy cold Coca-Cola. It's the sound you make when something is icy cold. It's the involuntary shudder that you can't help giving in to. It's a ripple of energy that's infectious, funny and free, and it is really an invite this summer to do exactly the same with your friends and family while you enjoy your icy-cold bottle of Coke. Open a chilled bottle of Coca-Cola, share and go ‘Brrrrrrrr’!”

Talking about the Brrr Campaign, Avinash Pant, Brand Director- Coca-Cola TMK, said, “Over the years, Coca-Cola’s communication has managed to keep the world coming back for more. 'Brrr' is our latest global campaign for brand Coca-Cola, which has created a spin-off effect globally. Coke Brrr campaign demonstrates the feeling you have when you drink an icy-cold Coca-Cola. You are so refreshed you can't help expressing the uplifting feeling, and that feeling is what we call Coca-Cola's ‘Brrr Effect'. We want to spread this ‘Brrr’ effect throughout the country and I am sure that this new communication will strike a chord with the Coca-Cola consumers.”

In-addition to leveraging mass media, integrated communication plan will also be complimented by a range of on the ground initiatives - road shows and contests across all key markets. Clutter breaking Outdoor campaign using innovative and traditional out-of-home media has been conceptualized by Mukesh Manik, M-I-C, Encyclomedia Networks. Additionally, Coca-Cola India is providing an exclusive opportunity to all its consumers to come and experience Coca-Cola's ice-cold refreshment through never seen before mediums - Igloo at key strategic locations, Coca-Cola Eskimos in various touch points across cities, Flash Mobs and BRRR Troupes.

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Comments (8)
  • azhar- 10 years ago

    Excellent Concept which makes us to watch the ad again and again.

  • harshit- 10 years ago

    osssssom video

  • harshit- 10 years ago


  • Hater- 10 years ago

    Cant b more lame. Lately, coco cola's ads have been like lame and "wannabe cool". But its not cool. The effort is clearly seen to make it look cool, and spread it across the youth. Am not liking this at all. Whenever i see the ad, it just annoys me seeing the silliness. Coke's ads used to be so nice in the past.

  • Hater- 10 years ago

    Am not able to express my hate or dislike towards this campaign. I wud say - Grrrrr.

  • Vishal- 10 years ago

    Reminds me of Budweiser's " wassupp ..!! " . Not original not as crazy just "Wassupp" .It is replaced by " BRRR " .

  • Wannabe- 10 years ago

    Yours truly feels that it is a very lame execution for a very tried and tested (read old) concept. Seriously what is Prasoon Joshi excited about? I will leave it you to answer that question. BTW: There is a joke going around - "It seems that the Pepsi brand manager has switched over to Coke." Guess they are on level playing fields now.

  • roshan- 10 years ago

    It is so scary to hear this noise while reading something on web. One day someone is sure to get a heart attack and die because of this sound.