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Grey Mumbai Launches New Campaign For XTRAPREMIUM

New TVC for Indian Oil leaves groom shocked on ‘suhaag-raat’; watch the TVC here.

Neha S | Delhi | February 21, 2011

XTRAPREMIUM petrol with Super Cleansers helps your car from ageing prematurely and keeps it as good as new. Grey Mumbai was able to get the message across with an innovative creative.

The TVC tells the viewers that in many cases a car owner may be in for an unpleasant surprise, because while the car may look new and shiny on the outside, extended use of ordinary petrol leads to deposit formation on the interior walls of the engine, causing crucial components to age pre-maturely. Grey uses a ‘suhaag-raat’ with a creative twist to get their message across.


The TVC shows an eager young groom, entering the beautifully decorated bedroom where he is to spend his first night with his ‘beautiful’ bride. However, as he lifts her pallu to gaze on what he expects to be a lovely face he is greeted by the sight of an 85 year old woman, thwarting his expectations of a young beautiful bride. The “suhaag raat” concept is a great fit with XTRAPREMIUM's product benefit, and portrays the concept in an easily understandable, humorous manner.

According to Senior Creative Director Goral Ajmera, “While the plot of the suhaag raat is age-old, it’s also ageless. So we gave it a new twist. The creative idea, things age before you expect them to, gave us a chance to explore this relatable situation in a way that’s never been seen before. And that’s what makes this communication stand out.”

Says Malvika Mehra, National Creative Director, Grey India, “Humour is a genre used commonly in advertisements for low involvement categories like confectionaries, snacks, cold drinks etc. Yet one can never under estimate the power it has to deliver a strong message to the audience. We thought it would be refreshing to use it in a supposed ‘serious’ category like ‘petrol’. Everybody remembers a good joke and in the case of this commercial it actually drives home the point beautifully (pun intended).”

In a low involvement, low loyalty market, creating a differentiator itself is a task let alone preference for the brand. Our product has a great formulation and is beneficial for vehicles, due to its cleansing properties. This ad will create the required dissonance, create the required differentiator and we believe it will lead to higher preference for the brand.”

“Branded petrol has always been a price sensitive category, with product benefits noticeable in long run. So how can we get the consumer to pay a premium for a low involvement product that has limited immediate benefit? That was the challenge. The new super cleansers additives in XTRAPREMIUM petrol that keeps the engine clean gave us the winning idea and we’ve tried to make that benefit more relevant for the consumer by equating a clean engine with a new engine,” says Hari Krishnan, Branch Head of the Grey Mumbai.


Creative Team NCDs – Amit Akali & Malvika Mehra ECDs – Rohit Malkani & Karan Rawat Sr. CD – Goral Ajmera Client Servicing AVP & Client Services Director – Vineet Singh Associate Account Director – Aman Sheikh Sr. Account Execs – Ashit Amin & Rochelle Menezes Films Films Director – Sharad Shinde Films Executive – Manjula Moses Production Production House – Equinox Films Director – Naren Multani

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