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Star Plus Anthem – Reinforcing Its Brand Promise

Brings an Ode to the Woman – Tu Hi Tu - conceptualized by Piyush Pandey; strengthens programming line-up with 4 new shows.

Rajat Arora | Delhi | January 24, 2011

Riding high on the success of its refreshed brand promise of Rishta Wahi Soch Nayi, launched last year, STAR Plus, Star India’s flagship brand, enters the first quarter of 2011 with newer aspirations and renewed commitment to create meaningful entertainment for its viewers. As a channel that celebrates the family with the woman at its core, Star Plus dedicates its success to every woman in this country who is slowly but progressively bringing about the Nayi Soch in her life, in the lives of her family members and society at large.

A woman brings us into the world and strives relentlessly to keep our world together. She touches our life in various avatars; as a daughter she brings joy and laughter, as a wife she offers support and companionship, as a mother she instills beliefs and values. Her entire existence is dedicated to the wellbeing of her loved ones and in fulfilling her family’s needs. To give this unsung hero her due, Star Plus reinforces its brand promise through Ode to the Woman, an extension of Rishta Wahi Soch Nayi with woman at the helm.


To take this expression to the millions of viewers across the country, STAR Plus unveils the Star Plus Anthem showcasing the different facets of a woman. This anthem is conceptualized by one of the best creative minds in the country Piyush Pandey and composed by ace-director-Vishal Bharadwaj.

Click here to download Star Plus Anthem.

This campaign thought of “Ode to the woman” will be brought to life through an exciting new content line up. In the first of among many shows celebrating this woman, Star Plus brings Wife Bina Life- a show that pays a tribute to the woman who turns our house into a home. Her role as a homemaker with 24*7 duties and no salary or holidays is never acknowledged. She is taken for granted.  But this will change soon with the launch of Wife Bina Life as men realize that it’s all work and no play being a homemaker!

Premiering on Jan 29 at 9 pm, Wife Bina Life will see average middle class men take up the challenge to be homemakers, while the women of the house go on a holiday. The BBC Worldwide cameras will follow these brave men as they struggle through the days, managing kids, kitchen and the household work that their women managed very diligently. They will know their children like never before, learn how tiring housework really is and, crucially, discover just how hard the woman of the house works to keep their worlds together. Hosted by Mini Mathur and Cyrus Sahukar, Wife Bina Life is filled with wit and humour, tears and tantrums. Above all, it nudges you to think and appreciate woman’s contribution in your life.

Along with this, Star Plus brings slew of exciting shows on Jan 29; ‘Love you Zindagi’ at 7pm, and Pyaar Mein Twist’ at 10.00pm completing the much required weekend entertainment for its viewers.

Weekend Line-up (Saturdays and Sundays)
Show Genre Timing
Love U Zindagi Fiction - Slice of Life 7pm – 8pm
Maha – Episode Fiction 8pm – 9pm
Wife Bina Life Reality 9pm – 10pm
Pyaar Mein Twist Fiction - Sitcom 10.00pm – 10.30pm

Love you Zindagi is the first ever show conceptualized by Imtiaz Ali for Star Plus. The story revolves around a Punjabi girl called Geet who has a great zest for life. Her innocence, her clever ways of dealing with situations and her uncanny attitude and love for life will keep viewers hooked to the content.

Produced by Neela Telefilms, ‘Pyaar Mein Twist’ is the first out and out comedy presented by STAR Plus. The story is about a husband and wife, who are poles apart and head over heels in love with each other and how this is perceived as a problem by people around d them who are conspiring to break their relationship. But will they succeed; will essentially be seen in this hilarious comedy.

Along with the weekend line-up, Star Plus brings Maayke se bandhi…Dor. Starting from Feb 14 at 8.30 pm, this is a story of Avni, who chooses to continue supporting her parents financially even after her marriage. This show stirs you to question the societal norm, where a girl loses her right to support her parents by virtue of her marriage. Avni leads a change with Maayke se bandhi…Dor.

Apart from the content line-up reinforcing the thought, Star Plus will take the spirit of this campaign to its viewers through an engagement initiative called Tu Hi Meri Star Viewer Interaction Initiative. This digital initiative is a platform to give voice to the viewers and let them dedicate their ode to the special woman in their live and make her the ’Star’. This initiative will enable consumers to make their dedications through online posts, uploading photos, videos etc. and let other users vote for nominations and celebrate the best ones as the real stars!

Ode to the woman’ will also have a 360 degrees presence across all mediums of entertainment. Star Plus will reinforce woman’s immense significance in every Indian home and society at large through an aggressive radio, print and digital plan.

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  • Manisha- 10 years ago

    Star plus always gives stenghth to women through his different serials to face the so many problems in her routine life. By making Star Plus Anthem Piush Pandey & Mr.Vishal Bharadwaj give respectful salute the women, really nice one & thanks for making such anthem.

  • saurabhi- 10 years ago

    It is too good we all love it.

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    i like this song very much.....

  • Narendra- 10 years ago

    I like this song great woman

  • Harjinder- 10 years ago

    i m not able to download the audio version of this song...kindly help me out.I love this song

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    amazing song... i really liked it.. :-) thanks for making this beautiful anthem...

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  • Preethi Aga- 10 years ago

    i m not able to download the audio version of this song…kindly help me out.I love this song

  • Rohini.gupt- 10 years ago

    Amazing song ..... I really liked it thans for making this beautiful anthem i want to dawnload thIs anthem plz help me

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    I love this song, its fantastic, hats off to creator

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  • safura- 10 years ago

    i loved it.....its awsome!! :D

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    i like....this song

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    amazing song… i really liked it.. :-) thanks for making this beautiful anthem…

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    it is too good

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    I love this song, its fantastic.

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    itssssssss excellent i luv it

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    amazing!!!!! proud to b a girl!!! love d song

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    superb song.showin the power of indian woman and it.......

  • anurag- 10 years ago

    it's really awesome

  • anurag- 10 years ago

    it's awesome really

  • Deepak Agga- 10 years ago

    This is the most wonderful song. This is very close my heart

  • sarapharaj - 10 years ago

    This is my favourite song.I WOULD LIKE TO THANK TO STAR PLUS.

  • Dr. Arun- 10 years ago

    this anthem like 'spring season', i like it. plz send me the like to download this

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    i like this song. i want to download but i cant pls help me

  • bestmediain- 10 years ago

    Download link updated in the story above.

  • suchi- 10 years ago

    this is very touching song n shows important of women in life in any role like friend ,mom, sister ,wife. if she is not doing job but she is doing lots of things at home without them life cant be imaginable.. hope after seeing this everyone in family understands importance of women

  • suchi- 10 years ago

    this is really very touchy song. it shoes important of women in life in any role like mom,sis,frd,wife.thogh they are not doing job they do a lot of work at home without them life in unimaginable.. hope by seeing that all of us understand importance of women

  • Niraj joshi- 10 years ago

    I love this song very very very very

  • Ritesh- 10 years ago

    who is the actress in star plus anthem video pls any one tell me...plz

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    its a lovely song, please let me know where i can download the audio, thanks

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    very very heart touching song

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    THANKS 4 making woman feel so special and making such a song an ANTHEM which really is very specialllllllllllll..............i want to download its video also plz help me.........

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    superb song...........luv it...:)

  • abhimanyu..- 10 years ago

    i really loved this song... I hve also download a ringtone... Bt i want ful song

  • abhimanyu..- 10 years ago

    i really loved this song... I hve also download a ringtone... Bt i want ful song of star plus anthem