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BloombergUTV Brings Another Business Reality Show

After launching ‘The Pitch’ in last month, the business news channel announces launch of ‘The Assignment’

Bloomberg UTV Launches Another Business Reality Show

After launching ‘The Pitch’ in last month, the business news channel announces launch of ‘The Assignment’

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | September 9, 2010

Bloomberg UTV has launched an all new business reality show called ‘The Assignment’. Hosted by the witty Cyrus Sahukar, Corporate India’s finest professionals take on untried challenges in the new and exciting series airing every Saturday at 8pm, 18th September onwards.

The channel had announced the launch of another business reality show named ‘The Pitch’ in last month.

The show showcases the two distinct ends of the Indian business spectrum. On the one side, there is a mad rush for B School degrees and complete dominance of the MNC culture, the other side presents an equally strong acumen and business machinery but in its own unique way of working. Accustomed to a particular way of life, executives from corporate India are moved to home grown / domestic businesses for a day, to run the show. These business houses might not have the finesse or the polish of the MNCs, but are still rock solid and efficiently run business operations. Being thrown into such an environment will provide India Inc’s brightest minds with an altogether unique learning experience

The daylong ASSIGNMENT breaks the comfort zone built by respective work environments and opens up an engaging story of cross learning across 13 such episodes

‘The Assignment’ will consist of interesting challenges that participants from leading corporate houses take on. This one hour weekly show will not only put to task the participant’s presence of mind and decision making abilities, but will also capture the individual’s ability to pull off the task most effectively.

Commenting on the launch of the exclusive show ‘The Assignment’, Deepak Lamba – Business Head, Bloomberg UTV said, “The concept of this show is inspired from the insight that every manager considers themselves an expert. Our objective is to help him step out of the comfort zone and test his skills in a completely different environment.The series underlines the fact that an Indian homegrown setup has much more to teach than it has to learn from Corporate India. In keeping with our promise of being a Blunt. And Sharp. business news channel, our efforts like The Assignment will continue to strive towards strengthening our innovative programming while fulfilling the business news needs of the growth aspirer.”

Excited about hosting the unique show, the versatile VJ and actor Cyrus Sahukar said, “I am extremely happy to get an opportunity to host The Assignment on Bloomberg UTV. It will be refreshing to see corporate executives brought out of their shells to try and execute activities in a totally unknown environment. I look forward to a lot of excitement and enthusiasm from the participants with some brilliant ideas and improvisations coming from these intelligent minds of Corporate India. Hopefully, some of the intelligence rubs off on me.”

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