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IRS Q3 2010: Top 10 English Dailies

Four of top 10 English dailies register growth while 6 publications lose readers in 3rd quarter of IRS 2010.

Rajat Arora | Delhi | December 2, 2010

Indian Readership Survey has just released the readership of Indian print publication in 3rd quarter of 2010. The third edition of IRS quarterly data indicates a lot of ups and downs for top 10 English dailies of the country. While The Times of India, Hindustan Times, The Economic Times and The Tribune have added more readers in this quarter, rest of dailies in top 10 list have seen decline in their readership.

With a considerable growth in the average issue readership (AIR) data, ‘The Times of India’ continues to be the largest read English daily of the country. The results released for the third quarter of IRS 2010 show that TOI has gained 1,66,000 readers to take its AIR at 72.54 lakh as compared to 70.88 lakh in IRS Q2 2010.

Also, the No.2 English daily ‘Hindustan Times’ has seen recovery in this quarter by registering marginal growth. The daily had lost some readers in 2nd quarter. It has registered the AIR of 35.17 lakh in IRS Q3 2010 as compared to 34.53 lakh in IRS Q2 2010.

‘The Hindu’ has seen a dip in its readership although it remains undisputed No. 3 English daily of the country. Its current AIR stands at 21.05 lakh as compared to 21.85 lakh in the previous quarter.

‘The Telegraph’ is firm at No. 4 position even if it has lost some readers in this quarter. It has lost 14,000 readers in the current quarter and its AIR now stands at 11.97 lakh. In the 2nd quarter of 2010, it had added 7,000 readers as compared to previous results.

At No.5 is ‘Deccan Chronicle’ which has registered decline in the third quarter of IRS 2010. The daily had added 28,000 readers in Q2. Its current AIR stands at 10.78 lakh as compared to 11.52 lakh in last survey results.

Sixth position has seen some miracle where ‘The Economic Times’ has outperformed DNA and Mumbai Mirror to become the No.6 English daily of the country. The daily has added 45,000 readers in the 3rd quarter to bring its AIR to 7.98 lakh as compared to 7.53 lakh in IRS Q2 2010.

Coming down to 7th spot in this quarter, DNA has lost 68,000 readers. In last quarter the daily had added 1.19 lakh readers and bounced back incredibly to become the No.6 English daily of the country. Now its current AIR stands at 7.68 lakh as compared to 8.36 lakh in IRS Q2 2010.

‘Mumbai Mirror’ too has slipped one position at No.8 by losing 30,000 readers in this quarter. It has recorded an AIR of 7.56 lakh in IRS Q3 2010 as compared to 7.86 lakh in last quarter.

‘The Tribune’ has maintained its position at No.9 with a marginal growth of 6,000 readers in this quarter. Its current AIR stands at 5.94 lakh as compared to 5.88 lakh in IRS Q2 2010.

‘The New Indian Express’ remains at 10th spot by losing 12,000 readers in the current survey. It has registered 5.06 lakh of AIR as compared to 5.18 lakh in last quarter.

Average Issue Readership (AIR) of a publication is defined as the number of readers of that publication who have claimed to have last read it within its periodicity – i.e. last read a daily yesterday, a weekly within the last week, a monthly within the last month, etc.

This measure is considered to be a more relevant measure of ‘real’ or ‘regular’ readership, especially for newspapers, most of which have been read / ‘consumed’ as matter of daily habit. Conventionally, media planners even calculate & compare cost-benefits of dailies based on the AIR figure. And hence it is perhaps most relevant to study readership trends as well in terms of AIR.

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