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IRS Q3 2010: Top 10 Dailies in Maharashtra

Lokmat remains the distant No. 1 in Maharashtra. Daily Sakal has also show huge growth in its AIR.

Rajat Arora | Delhi | December 3, 2010

Maharashtra market has recorded growth in its overall AIR numbers.  ‘Lokmat’ continues to lead the Marathi market with AIR of 78.02 Lakh in IRS Q3 2010 as compared to 73.96 lakh in last survey. The paper has added 4.06 lakh new readers to its kitty. There has been an increase of 5.5% in Lokmat’s AIR over IRS Q2 2010. In Q2 also, the newspaper had added 35,000 readers.

‘Daily Sakal’ is at No 2 with 45.50 lakh readers in this quarter. The paper has seen increase of 10.8% in its AIR by adding 4.43 lakh new readers. In Q2 the Marathi daily had AIR of 41.07 lakh. It had added 1.15 lakh readers in previous quarter.

At No 3 is ‘Pudhari’. The paper has added 82,000 readers in the current quarter. Pudhari has an AIR of 25.96 lakh in Q3 as compared to 25.14 lakh in Q2 of IRS 2010. The paper has recorded growth of 3.3% in Q3. It had lost 16,000 readers in the last survey.

‘Punya Nagari’ has lost 1.23 lakh readers in the current quarter and is at No.4 with AIR of 20.59 lakh in IRS Q3 2010 as compared to 21.82 in the previous quarter. The paper has seen decline of 5.6% in its AIR in Q3 of IRS 2010. It had also lost 38,000 readers in last survey findings.

Nation’s largest read English daily, ‘The Times of India’ is at No.5 position in Maharashtra market with 20.13 lakh readers as compared to 19.18 lakh in Q2 of IRS 2010. The English daily has added 5% more readers in this quarter. TOI has added 95,000 new readers in current survey while it had added 93,000 readers in previous quarter.

‘Maharashtra Times’, the Marathi daily is at No.6 position and has lost 26,000 readers. Its AIR now stands at 11.24 lakh as compared to 11.50 lakh in Q2 of IRS 2010. In Q2 the Marathi daily gained 29,000 readers but in the current survey it has seen decline of 2.3% in its readership.

At No.7 is another Marathi daily ‘Loksatta’ with AIR of 10.95 lakh. The paper has gained 13,000 new readers. In Q2 of IRS 2010 it had AIR of 10.82 lakh. The paper has increased its readership by 1.2% in current quarter. It had added 18,000 readers in second quarter of IRS 2010.

Despite losing 86,000 readers in IRS Q3 2010, ‘Deshonatti’ remains at No.8. The newspaper has an AIR of 9.20 lakh as compared to 10.06 lakh in Q2 of IRS 2010. Deshonatti has recorded sharp decline of 8.5% in its readership.

‘Gujarat Samachar’ is at No.9 in Maharasthra market with 7.77 lakh readers in IRS Q3 2010. The paper has added 66,000 new readers in current survey. Its AIR has increased by 9.3%. It had added 54,000 readers in IRS Q2 2010 also.

‘Mumbai Mirror’, the tabloid size English daily has lost 30,000 readers in the current survey.  The tabloid is at No.10 with an AIR of 7.56 lakh in current survey as compared to 7.86 lakh is Q2 of IRS 2010. It had lost 45,000 readers in last survey too.

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