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NewsX Hosts Debate On Important Issues

The panel debates on ‘Realizing the Indian Dream’ and ‘Bollywood on Bollywood’ organized in Mumbai.

NewsX Hosts Debate On Important Issues

The panel debates on ‘Realizing the Indian Dream’ and ‘Bollywood on Bollywood’ organized in Mumbai.

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | October 7, 2010

After the success of ‘India@63’, NewsX, the English News Channel, recently concluded yet another intellectually stimulating event in Mumbai. Organized in collaboration with the CEO Club of India, the event included panel debates on ‘Realizing the Indian Dream’ and ‘Bollywood on Bollywood’ moderated by Ayaz Memon. The evening was marked by the presence of leading corporates, industry stalwarts and community representatives and proved to be a success for NewsX amongst the high profile audience.

The event opened with the first panel debate on ‘Realizing the Indian Dream’, represented by renowned panelists  like Chandrashekar Prabhu (Housing Activist, Urban Planner-Architect and Consultant) and V.P Nandakumar (CMD, Manappuram Group of Companies).

The discussion shed light on true vision & dream of India, India’s stance on the global forefront, myriad of factors contributing to India’s success & disappointment and other diverse issues that India & its populace is grappling with at present. The discussion addressed further questions about the much talked about Indian dream with an optimistic viewpoint and determined ideology of modern India’s personal, economic, political, business and intellectual landscape.

In Chandrashekhar Prabhu’s view of Mumbai’s real-estate, “A survey revealed that almost 96.5% of the available space can be categorized as inadequate with 2,000 dilapidated buildings and 1.5 million houses provided by employers.”

The second discussion opened on a buoyant note and Bollywood’s big shots like Sajid Khan (Bollywood Film Director), Sudhir Mishra (Bollywood Film Director), Shailendra Singh (Jt. MD, Percept Ltd.) and Kabir Bedi (Internationally acclaimed Indian television and film actor) came together on the platform to talk about their take on the business of Bollywood. The discussion reviewed the history of Indian cinema since the first silent movie in 1913, journey & progress so far, Bollywood’s increasing engagement with Global film fraternity and future of the biggest entertainment industry in the world.

Commenting about perception of the West towards Indian cinemas, Kabir Bedi said, “During 80’s and 90’s, Italian, Japanese, Pakistani etc movies were given more respect than ours. Suddenly towards the end of 80’s, Bollywood/Indian cinema became popular. I believe today the brand Bollywood has become bigger than Bollywood itself. If we collaborate with other countries then there is a possibility that we can grow.”

Sharing his thoughts, Sudhir Mishra added, “Entertainment, Engagement and Content are definitely most important, but one has to approach the western markets as well. Bollywood is a unique and strange industry. Content of the movie has to be strong as it is an integral part of the movie.”

Commenting on the scope of cinema, Shailendra Singh said, “This is the land where Pav Bhaji and Pasta sell on the same street. Our industry need to have a multi aspect films that deals with social cinema, kids cinema, etc. There is a lot of scope to target different audience with different films.”

The whole discussion along with the interactive Q&A session created a fine blueprint for Bollywood’s future.



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