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Exclusive Interview With Karan Thapar

Karan Thapar will be seen in a new role in CNN-IBN’s new show – The Last Word; he speaks exclusively with on the eve of the new show. Read the complete interview…

Indian media has finally found its ombudsman in Karan Thapar. TV’s best interviewer and host of many award winning current affairs shows is all set to scrutinise the role of Indian media in covering news events in a yet another unique show- ‘The Last Word’ on CNN-IBN on every Friday at 10 pm starting 22nd October, 2010.

The show looks inwards at the media and analyzes its role and responsibility on specific issues of significance week on week. Rajat Arora of got hold of Karan Thapar to discuss about this unique show and his views on media.

Q) How did this idea come to your mind?

Around four weeks back Rajdeep called me up and said that he has an idea to start a new show on media. So we discussed and I found it as an interesting idea.

Q) What all media will you be analyzing?

We are much more likely to discuss the major media coverage of the week in newspapers and television.

Q) Would you be discussing the content of newspapers and news channels specifically?

See the problem would be that the guest would be very reluctant to take any single newspaper’s name. I think we have to initially talk about the trends in media generally but perhaps after six-seven months people may get happier to take names. In England, for instance, you have similar shows where people openly discuss about specific newspapers. In India also situation can change slowly. The idea is that you can be critical without being nasty. You can be critical and constructive. You can be critical and interesting and not revengeful. And when people get this confidence, I think they will name specific papers and channels.

Q) What is the objective of this show?

To look at the way the media covers the story and to look at the story in the context that how media has covered it and how one has influenced the other. As I said earlier, initially we have to look at the general and perhaps after six-seven months I hope that we can discuss media specifically. But the main objective is to inform people and educate people.

Q) What are your expectations from the show?

I hope it’s a show that makes people think about how the media covers story. I hope it makes people think about the story as well.

Q) Any recent issue in which you think the media messed up?

There are many issues. Don’t you remember the case of Arushi Talwar where the media went live with the press conference held by policemen who were blaming Arushi’s parents for her murder? There are things which you don’t carry live and there are things you carry with comments. The BBC would never do that.

Q) We’ve just successfully organized commonwealth games. What are your views on that?

My personal opinion on CWG is that we are lucky that we got away with it. We began with a great opening ceremony and ended with a good closing ceremony and nothing dramatically happened during the games. But we had the most disastrous built up. The bridges were collapsing, the games village was filthy. We are lucky that nothing horrible happened.

Q) Are you happy with the media coverage of CWG?

There were serious problems. And with all the glitches games happened and things didn’t go that bad. If the media haven’t picked up these stories then anyways those filthy pictures of the games village were circulating on internet. I think media covered it perfectly.  No one can forget the CWG corruption. The media will keep the investigation going and the government will keep it going.

Q) Your piece of advice to budding journalists?

Well, sometimes this profession can be terribly tiring, occasionally it can be rewarding. Just walk on the right path.

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  • shriram- 10 years ago

    Waiting for show --& toadys is required this type show. All the best!

  • Sajjad- 10 years ago

    Similar shows already existing in malayalam news channel