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Idea Creates Viral Ad To Disconnect From Internet

Lowe Lintas conceptualizes the viral video to promote Idea Cellular’s social networking platform.

Hitesh Ranot | Delhi | September 7, 2010

Idea Cellular has launched a viral campaign to promote its social networking platform The viral video is conceptualized by Lowe Lintas.

The Spawning of Social networking sites gave the youth a virtual platform to converge, discuss, express, peek into, shout aloud and engender a movement too. It has become so much a part of their lives that, they eventually start living a virtual life. A life which is dictated by what’s their status declaration around the clock to who’s doing what.

On the Other hand when our lives are driven largely by our work-life leaving a little scope for meeting up with old pals Social Networking platforms have given the people a plank to catch up with not only old friends but initiate newer virtual relationships, where you may not even know who is on the other side except the gender.

A constant urge to check the Facebook wall to see who’s remarked what on my early morning experience to who’s being tagged on the last nights farewell photographs. It spans both the youth and a working adult too. These phenomenon, have become so much a part of our life that they have turned into an Internet (Computer) addiction that can without any qualms be compared to that one may have for sniffing a pinch of crack cocaine.


Idea has come up with ‘Idea Life’, A magic wand that promises to change your life by getting you rid of the Internet addiction if you were a part of this new flock of Addicts of the virtual world.

A series of very interesting short films (viral) showing how an Internet de-addiction centre set in a classroom style, with a mercenary spirited professor who works on individuals to help them overcome this addiction through its programmes.

These programmes include an exercise to Disconnect from the Net, to unlearning internet / computer terms, and echo in chorus how their classroom endeavor shall come to fruition one day.

The professor who is the protagonist takes us through these four fun invoking episodes showing how deep rooted is this addiction and how he helps his disciples see a new day in their life more interesting than their past BUT without the Internet through Idea’s new offering Idealife.

These virals end with a buoyant voice over of how life can be Internet addiction free but with the same fun of remaining connected to all the different social networking platforms via just the SMS, through

IdeaLife is a one-stop social portal which aggregates all social networks. By uploading content (images, audio, video) onto Idealife, the site automatically uploads it into popular social is available to all users on the web and on mobile internet (including non-Idea customers).

It brings the power of real-time mobile communication (via SMS and MMS) into social networking. Users can set their Status Message on Idealife via SMS (to 55155, Idea users only) and Idealife would then update the status instantly on Orkut, Facebook and Twitter – thus connecting instantly to the friends on Facebook and Orkut. Similarly, users can take a picture and MMS it to 55155 (Idea users only) and instantly that is shared to all her registered social networks.


Creative: R Balki, Ashwin Varkey, Jaywant Dabholkar, Subodh Menon, Shishir Kapre, Reshma Tonse, Aniket Rao, Varun Panjwani

Servicing: Tarannum Romani, Sachin Pandirkar, Smita Padmanabhan, Diksha Makkar

Planning: Suraja Kishore, Bipin Ambre

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Comments (3)
  • Rohit Paul- 9 years ago

    Well its not very inventive.Sony had done the same an year ago and was one of the most popular virals last year. Quite a shame!

  • Rohit Paul- 9 years ago

    What a rip off of sony viao's last year campaign and what a popular viral campaign it was globally.

  • Ghandi- 8 years ago

    This is condescending and stupid. You call a few thousand hits viral? Noob.