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The BIG Mouth

Hanif Kureshi, Senior Creative Director, Wieden + Kennedy

The biggies are big for a reason. Because they have a BIG mouth. Have fun reading.

Hanif Kureshi is a Bachelor of Visual Arts from M.S.University Baroda (2003). After Finishing Graduation he moved to Ogilvy & Mather, New Delhi where he worked as creative consultant for brands like Perfetti, Seagram's, Maruti, Limca, Glexo Smithkline and Ogilvy Corporate. In July 2006, He made a move to Ogilvy's Mumbai branch to work on Hutch, and later in 2007 helped to launch Vodafone in He shifted back to Delhi in july 2008 to be part of Wieden+Kennedy's creative team working on Nokia's global business.

He's got a several national and International advertising awards which includes One Show & One Show Rx (New York) , Asia Pacific (Bangkok), Clio( Miami) , Communication Arts (California) , The Work 07 (Sydney) , Abbys (Mumbai), OAC (Mumbai) and Red Hot (Best of Ogilvy worldwide). His Design works publishes in international ezines like Bak ( Turkey ) and Anti (UK).

More importantly, Hanif is a graffiti artist and fond of typography. He is a part of an international group called 156 all starz that has grafitti artists from all over the world and he is the only artist from India to do grafitti.

Qashish Chopra of BestMediaInfo.com spoke to him on dope other than advertising.

Q) What is your current state of mind? My heart feels like an alligator.

Q) Your poison? Life.

Q) Who are the three people you would invite for dinner and drinks if it were your last? Jean-Claude Van Damme, Chuck Norris and Steven Segal. I would have them choose their weapons, but they would be like "no, we don't even use weapons, we use our bare hands". Then they would fight to the death, as I eat a steak sandwich. Yum.

Q) Name the one animal you think you resemble. A pterodactyl. Death from above because it attacks you from the sky. You’ll never know what hit you until you are being fed to a nest of young pterodactyl chicks. Then you’ll know. And you’ll be like “wow, I totally did not expect that”.

Q) One thing you never leave home without? Myself.

Q) What would you do if you were invisible for a day? Write a children’s story.

Q) One song you love to hate? Bienvenido a Tijuana. It’s so inaccurate. I just feel like there is so much more to Tijuana.

Q) The last thing you do before going to bed? I put on my clothes for tomorrow.


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