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“Shubh Aarambh” To Change The Tradition

The TVC is second in row for the Cadbury’s Dairy Milk “Shubh Aarambh” campaign.

Neha S | Delhi | August 31, 2010

If you’re floored by Cadbury’s Diary Milk last commercial that showcased the imagination of millions of Indian teenage boys and girls, smitten by the love bug and trying to come up with that one cheesy line to woo their love, then- Hang On! The chocolate major has something more to offer (besides chocolate!) this time in its kitty.

As the second extension to the Cadbury Dairy Milk “Shubh Aarambh” campaign is out and is yet another heart melting ad from the company’s stable. Conceived by O&M (Agency on record for Dairy Milk) the ad highlights the small apprehensions of middle age couple living typically in a normal setup.


Manoj Shetty, Senior Creative Director, O&M reminisces of the commercial as he says, “We decided not to take the conventional good things- like opening of a shop, or giving exams et al as the theme of the commercial. The central idea was to highlight a feeling that most of the women sitting at their homes in front of TV channels in that age can relate to. As these moments are very personal in nature and no one ever tries to emote it onscreen.”

This is quite evident from the storyboard of the TVC that perfectly depicts the nervousness and fear experienced by a housewife for adorning western attire (jeans) for the first time in her life. Vexed to step out of the nest because of her mother-in-law’s and the society’s reactions to her new avatar (paradoxical to her conventional saree-clad image) her husband offers a cube of the chocolate. Then the VO hums, “Shubh kaam karne se pehle meetha khalo, kaam acha hoga” and eventually the TVC ends with people complementing about her image makeover. Thus the commercial is based on the simple insight- having sweet before every auspicious occasion in India in return of a favorable outcome.

The TVC was shot in an overnight’s time at a residential society in Pune and has been given a very rooted look to match the living standards of a normal middle class family in India. So much so, that the lead cast of the commercial has been selectively chosen as popular Marathi stage actors ( contradictory to any powder dabbed models!) in order to give that dash of realism to the TVC.

Shetty further avers, “If you will notice there is not much of a script in the commercial but it’s about the moments that makes the TVC a head turner.”

Targeted at the aam middle families, the ad is successful in striking the right chord with the married couples living in a joint family, and more importantly engaging them with a sense of déjà vu with similar situations in the past. Going forward, the commercial will be supported by a 360 campaign to intensify engagement with consumers through media like radio, print, digital and outdoor.

Afterall, what else you demand from a brand that has a legacy as old as 105 years old, holds a market share of almost 70% in its segment, and is worth over $1 billion in terms of brand value?! Well, just a small reason to indulge in it! J

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Comments (3)
  • Siddharth M- 10 years ago

    nice but this one could'nt beat the earlier ones Be it the girl who runs on the cricket ground or the earlier shubh aarambh !

  • Jayant Rath- 10 years ago

    The Shubh Arambh was beautifully directed as well as acted. I'd like to meet the actors here, as being an aspiring director i am working in something big and would like if both the actors could join.

  • Amar Shinde- 9 years ago

    Hi, Sir/Madam Your Cadbury Dairy Milk - Advertisment (Girl and Dinner). p/z So I want that little cute girl name & photos.