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Brand Street India wins on-ground activation mandate for Gulf Engine Oil

The agency will help to increase the effectiveness of their sales and create a valuable consumer interaction and engagement to help build a positive brand image

Integrated marketing agency Brand Street India has won the mandate to handle on-ground activities for Gulf Engine Oil, a Hinduja Group Indian Company.

Brand Street India is executing activities at multiple locations such as garages and retail stores in order to approach and inform customers about the most suitable car lubricant for their vehicle’s engine.
With the help of Brand Street India, Gulf Engine Oil aims to increase the effectiveness of their sales, along with creating a valuable consumer interaction and engagement to help build a positive brand image. With the help of this campaign, they aim  to educate consumers about the product that best suits their car engine along with explaining long-term benefits of the same. Some of the major products they intend to promote are Ultrasynth X, 10W- 40, SW-30, Multi G Max, 20W-50,  Formula GX, 5W-40, Super Diesel X-10, 15W-40,  Multi G Max, 20W-40 and more.

Brand Street India is handling the entire coordination and supervision for Gulf Engine Oil at various locations across Delhi-NCR. Their volunteers will be tapping those customers who go to garages to change or purchase engine oil for their car. They will brief the consumer about the product range and will offer them a gift scheme with their purchase, a car perfume that will give a whiff of fresh fragrant air every time they step into their car.

Brand Street India is also handling inventory management, pre and post sales reports compression, mechanic meeting for sales improvement and consumer feedback for Gulf Engine oil. This campaign will be carried out throughout the month of November, 2017.

Surendra Singh, National Head, Brand Street India, said, “Gulf engine oil has a rich heritage of 100 years and a global recognition with millions of trusted consumers. In order to drive revenue growth for such a huge company, it is imperative that the sales team ensures personalised engagements with their prospects and customers.”

Rajesh Dogra, Senior Manager, Rural Street, said, “We at Brand Street India are proud to support and further build on our strong relationship with Gulf Engine Oil.”

Ravikant Sharma,  Head-Client Servicing, Rural Street, said, “We are happy to associate with  Gulf Engine Oil, as it brings with it fresh insights in the rural marketing domain.”

Brand Street India will also be holding these activities in association with a number of housing societies within the city.

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