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Tonic Worldwide creates digital campaign for Panetteria

Conceptualises the #BakeItEasy video series by integrating the concept of ‘Public Service Advertisements’ and ‘Daily Kitchen Struggles’

Panetteria, the latest addition in the Balwa Group, has launched its first ever digital campaign. The brand offers ready-to-bake frozen products in the Indian market.

Panetteria’s aim is to bring a plethora of delicious flavours with convenience right into the kitchen of every Indian household. To highlight the common kitchen struggles faced by women, Tonic Worldwide created the #BakeItEasy video series by integrating the concept of ‘Public Service Advertisements’ and ‘Daily Kitchen Struggles’.

The videos talk about the different kinds of struggles a woman faces in the kitchen when it comes to baking. From kneading dough, tedious vegetable chopping sessions, as well as some other excruciating kitchen disasters.

“At Tonic Worldwide, our approach has been to create content that is thumb-stopping, yet effective. The campaign aims at establishing the brand's promise of convenience,” said Sudish Balan, Chief Business Officer, Tonic Worldwide.

Tonic Worldwide also highlighted the simple, 3 step formula – Open, Bake and Umm…(Enjoy), and aligned it with the company’s core purpose, i.e. to provide authentic flavours, exciting and novel concepts, and a time-saving, reasonable and convenient choice to the customers.

"Panetteria aims to deliver quality, efficiency and taste to the consumer, which has been effectively conveyed by Tonic Worldwide via the #BakeItEasy campaign. The campaign manages to capture a viewer’s attention and hold it with a comical twist that ends in a satisfactory conclusion, highlighting the product’s convenience," said Umar Balwa, Director, Balwa Group.

Creative Director Ashwin Dutt said, "As Panetteria is a new entrant we focused on creating a unique identity for the brand. Indians love snacking and we wanted women to choose Panetteria's baked offering during snacking time.

The films aim at highlighting the ease and convenience of baked foods. They are a satirical take on the efforts that go into cooking an Indian snack. We chose 4 relateable situations which Indian women constantly face while cooking. It made it easier to drive the brand proposition.”

The videos:

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