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Emmanuel Upputuru relaunches ITSA

On October 8, Upputuru published a resignation letter addressed to his employees on his company’s website

Emmanuel Upputuru

Reports about the exit of ITSA Founder Emmanuel Upputuru have come a full circle with an interview where Upputuru said this was a part of the campaign to re-launch ITSA with a renewed commitment to its original purpose.

On October 8, Upputuru published a resignation letter addressed to his employees on his company’s website,

Upputuru said, “I took a leaf out of Christ’s ‘Death, Burial, and Resurrection’. My ITSA Resurrection campaign also was enacted over three days keeping industry tongues wagging and speculating.”

After the letter, he simply refused to answer any calls from friends and journalists from the industry – lest he give away any clues as to what he was up to. “On day two, as I was hoping, at least two leading publications carried the news with headlines like, ‘ITSA shuts shop. Emmanuel Upputuru moves on.’ Symbolically burying the agency.”

On October 11, the third day, Upputuru released a video interview where he revealed that this was a rebooting exercise and explained the ‘why’. “ITSA was a great idea. We did a lot of cool stuff. Unbelievable stuff. But ITSA had lost its original purpose somewhere along the way. To focus on innovations. And I was afraid we were slowly drifting towards conforming to the image of a regular agency. So I had to kill ITSA. That’s why I resigned from ITSA. I couldn’t have started something new without killing ITSA first,” said Upputuru. “The only way to live was to crucify ITSA.”

He revealed various innovative projects that the company has already started and will soon announce one by one.

Wasn’t it risky, because it could have gone anywhere?

Upputuru admitted, “Of course it was risky. But just before releasing the letter, I had jitters and that was enough of a signal for me to go ahead. I tell my clients to be bold and take risks, so I had to practice what I preach.”

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