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Hansa Research ties up with MSW-ARS, launches communication measurement services

Through their range of methodologies, they will help clients obtain deeper insights and provide superior guidance

Hansa Research and MSW-ARS announced their partnership by launching their communication measurement services in India. A range of methodologies incorporates both System 1(Neuro, Bio) and System 2 (Cognitive) measures to obtain deeper insights and provide superior guidance to their clients.

Hansa research, which is known for data integrity and thought leadership, was set up in 1983. Hansa has been serving its clientele across sectors from its research offices in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore and conducts over 2 million consumer interviews every year using extensive field infrastructure and technology across 22 field offices in India.

MSW-ARS is a 70-year-old specialised communications research firm headquartered in New York and operates in 40+ countries and works with some of the prestigious marketers across the globe: Abbott, Beiersdorf, Diageo, Disney, Essilor, among others. To date, it has tested over 160,000 pieces of advertising across various product categories and media.

Ashok Das

Ashok Das, MD of Hansa Research Group, said, “We are extremely happy to announce our tie-up with MSW-ARS of USA, the pioneers and world leaders in communication testing, measurement and strategy. With this tie-up, we bring a significant range of services to the Indian market, thereby helping our clients optimise their multimedia communication from the idea stage to the final execution stage: and also measure and improve the ROI of marketing investments.”

Steve Jagger, MD of MSW-ARS, said, “In Hansa Research, we have found a solid and capable partner to serve the Indian market. Hansa brings to the table decades of understanding the Indian markets, best in the country field infrastructure and an extremely talented experienced research team. Our collaboration will work across the brand building continuum from strategic studies to measuring new creative ideas to in-market measurement. Everything we do is focused on improving our client’s financial return from branded activities.”

Jagger is currently in India personally training a senior team of Hansa on all the services of MSW-ARS.

MSW-ARS methodology incorporates and integrates System 1(Neuro, Bio) and System 2 (Cognitive) measures to obtain deeper insights and therefore superior guidance to their clients.

The backbone of the system is the robust and validated CC Persuasion measure. CC Persuasion is an extensively validated metric with many of these being published by leading journals such as the Journal of Advertising Research (JAR) etc.

“We are all ready and equipped to offer the entire suite of MSW-ARS services from all our offices and the initial reactions from the market have been very encouraging. Muthukumaran, our Executive Director who has three decades of research experience to offer, will lead this practice in Hansa,” added Das.

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