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Don’t think of cost before taking a colour print, says Epson InkTank

The brand has rolled out two TVCs comparing the cost of coloured printing with simple things through the eyes of a little girl. The films were conceived by Bangalore-based OpusCDM

Click on the Image to watch the TVC.

Epson, the digital imaging solutions company, has rolled out two new commercials, telling the viewers how it keeps the cost under control as its only 7 paise for black and 18 paise for colour printouts.

The films were conceived by Bangalore-based OpusCDM and were produced by Mumbai-based Equinox.

The first TVC shows a mother asking her daughter if she had taken a printout of her tickets. The girl gives her a coloured printout to which her mother feels it’s such a waste of money. But the daughter replies that it’s cheaper than her toffee and brings her another printout saying she is already missing her mom bringing a smile on her mom’s face. The second video shows a father experimenting in kitchen and asks his daughter whether she brought the recipe’s printout. When he sees the coloured printout, he asks why colour? To which his daughter replies because it’s cheaper than a spoonful of sugar and pangs of laugher follows.

By featuring the cute girl Keya, the brand aims to target the over-cautious mentality of the audience over using coloured prints. The brand does not directly say about the amount it costs, instead, it compared it to everyday household products relatable to all of us.

Speaking about the InkTank, Tushad Talati, Director, Brand & Communication at Epson India, said, “Epson’s InkTank printers address all the printing needs of home, commercial and office, whether low print volume or high print volume. We hope to make Inkjet InkTank Printers the de facto technology replacing ink cartridge and laser technology in India. More and more families with kids having printing requirements are realising the benefit of InkTank printers over erstwhile cartridge-based models. We have been actively targeting this segment and the penetration is surging. Our previous TV commercial using the character, Keya, resonated extremely well with a wide range of consumers across the country. The simple message – that with Epson you can get the lowest print costs – was easily communicated. The new commercials feature the same character and take a similar thought to the next level with amazing creativity and effectiveness.”

Pramod Nath, Creative Lead at OpusCDM, added, “We see this as a continuation of the 2015-16 campaign that received a tremendous response. This time the challenge we took up was a little different, even though ‘lowest print cost’ remained the main underlying message. We made an effort to enter the average modern Indian family, look closer and focus on their everyday needs. Printers are not used on a daily basis, or so the potential consumer believes, which is why they usually step out to take a printout. That’s where we step in and make the printer a part of the family, who you can rely on whenever you need.”

Speaking about the two films, Nath, continued, “Coming up with two separate films was a deliberate attempt to be at par with the current era of advertising, which reflects the quick-gratification nature of today’s audience. Also, we figured that capturing little emotions separately would help us better represent Epson as a family printer.”

The ad is currently running in nine different languages across India.

The TVC:


Client: Epson

Agency: OpusCDM

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