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Zirca launches native advertising management platform ContentdB

It works to manage content campaigns, giving better results to the brand marketers, and to understand the performance of native advertising content

Zirca Digital Solutions has launched its native advertising management platform, ContentdB, which is Asia’s first native advertising management platform.

The new platform works to manage the content campaigns across multiple discovery, social, search networks and publishers. It helps in giving better investment results to the brand marketers. Also, marketers will be able to understand the performance of their native advertising content.

Neena Dasgupta

Speaking about the new platform, Neena Dasgupta, CEO and Director, Zirca, said, Most marketers are fairly successful at putting out engaging content; the fact that they are not able to optimise across different platforms reduces the value they can get from their campaigns. ContentdB provides them with a single window platform from which they can monitor their campaigns on a comprehensive dashboard. Marketers can, thus, get a unified view of multiple campaigns and platforms that will help them make an informed decision about the efficiency of their campaigns, thus saving them time, effort and money while managing their campaigns.”

Further, Karan Kumar Gupta, MD, Zirca, added, “The internet at one point was all about platforms and there was very little focus on content that made the right kind of impact. The industry is now far more evolved and understands the value of impactful content and how it contributes to a brand’s perception online. While most technologies are focused on delivery of content, ContentdB is uniquely poised to focus on right amplification and optimisation to bring campaign efficiency, so that the marketer can evaluate how effective the brand’s content is in building brand awareness. The platform evaluates how well the content resonates with the brand’s end consumer from one publisher to another, setting a new trend.”

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