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Nivea Deodorizer tries to impress audience in five seconds

FCB Interface has shown how to stop a viewer from skipping an ad on YouTube by ending the ad before the viewer can skip it. If he or she is still around, continue the ad

Click on the Image to watch the TVC.

Have you ever skipped an ad on YouTube? We all have. There are not many ads that complete their communication in the first five seconds, before you can ‘skip’ it to go to your video. Isn’t it an amazing insight to really make an ad for the digital medium, just a five-second film?

FCB Interface has done something like this for Nivea India’s deodorant, albeit with a humorous twist to the five-second film, which is actually a 30-second film.

As a part of the campaign, there’s another ad film with a more generic story to tell about deodorants and body odour. Both ad films feature brand ambassador Anushka Sharma.

The new digital campaign plays on the eccentricities of digital content and its consumption habits, highlighting the much-spoken about impulse of the viewer to skip a film within the initial five seconds. In a humorous yet matter-of-factly manner, the film depicts the director’s plan to create a film within this stipulated time frame, which goes haywire when Sharma goes about with her usual brand talk.

She has been Nivea’s brand ambassador for almost six years now and she insisted on continuing as she wanted to talk more about it. And here’s how the film finally panned out.

The ad talks about the new Nivea Body Deodorizer and its promise of day-long odour control. However, even before Anushka can finish, the director calls it a wrap. Sharma looks surprised. She obviously wants to talk more about the product and points out that she hasn’t spoken about the other features. The director, in a matter-of-fact manner, explained to her that people usually skip online ads after five seconds. She looks visibly disappointed. Even as the shoot crew begins to dismantle the set and later the set is deserted. Sharma ultimately decides to leave. But not before she promptly picks up all the deodorizer packs on the counter.

That digital video need to be short and snackable is a no-brainer for marketers seeking to grab the attention of its viewer. In this tongue-in-cheek video, they attempt to defy the norm once again through the communication and create an enjoyable film with Sharma.

Sachin Killawala, Category Head, Personal Care, Nivea India said, “The new Nivea body deodorizer addresses the core category need of the women consumer to get day long odour control in just one use. While body odour is a well understood topic, most people do not realise that they have the problem as we tend to not discuss it or point it out. The TVC addresses this challenge by showing an intriguing situation in which the body odour issue is evident, without the social embarrassment associated with it.”

Robby Mathew

Robby Mathew, Chief Creative Officer, FCB Interface, said, “How do you stop a viewer from skipping your ad on YouTube? Well, you end your ad before she or he can skip it, and if he or she is still around, you continue the ad."

Another TVC film is based on the insight that body odour leads to socially awkward situations, the commercial shows adorable little children holding their breath in a kindergarten classroom as their teacher suffers from body odour. Sharma, another kindergarten teacher, helps her out by offering her the Nivea body deodorizer.

The campaign is on air across leading television channels, supported by digital presence.

About the kindergarten film, Mathew said, “Unlike adults, kids are quite transparent with their feelings. They don’t hesitate to express them, no matter who they are with. And this is the behavioural insight is what we latched on, to bring alive Nivea’s day-long odour control properties.”

The TVC:


Servicing team: Govindarajan V, Associate Vice-President (Client servicing), Neha Arora, Senior Brand Services Manager and Andrea D’Souza, Brand Services Executive

Creative team: Robby Mathew, Chief Creative Officer; Rakesh Menon, Senior Creative Director and Varsha Kharidaha, Creative Supervisor

Planning team: Arthi Basak, Associate Vice-President (Planning) and Supritha Iyer, Management Trainee (Planning)

Production House: Red Ice Productions

Director: Shimit Amin

Executive producer: Gary Garewal

Producer: Lisa Dcosta

Creative Producer: Priyank Misra

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