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“We’re making progress connecting the world,” says Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook

Facebook recently announced that it has reached a new milestone. There are now two billion people connecting and building communities on Facebook every month

Mark Zuckerberg recently announced that Facebook has reached a new milestone. There are now two billion people connecting and building communities on the social site every month.

He credits this achievement to the millions of small communities and individuals who are sharing and making meaningful contributions every day. Each day, over 175 million people share a ‘love’ reaction, and on average, over 800 million people like something on Facebook and over a billion people use groups every month.

Mark Zuckerberg

Zuckerberg on his Facebook wall said, “As of this morning, the Facebook community is now officially two billion people! We’re making progress connecting the world, and now let’s bring the world closer together. It’s an honour to be on this journey with you.”

To show their appreciation for the many ways people support one another on Facebook, it will share several personalised experiences over the coming days.

Good adds up video: Facebook is launching a personalised video to celebrate bringing the world closer together. One may see their video in their news feed or by visiting

Celebrating what good people do: After someone reacts to a friend’s post with ‘love,’ wishes someone happy birthday or creates a group, they will see a message in news feed thanking them.

Sharing community stories and impact: On, it is featuring fun facts about how people are contributing to the community. In the US, it is also sharing stories of people who inspire them. Every day, people connect with one another, contribute to their local communities and help make the world a better place.

Facebook wants to help do their part as well. As Zuckerberg mentioned last week at the Facebook Communities Summit, their mission is to bring the world closer together. Reaching this milestone is just one small step toward that goal. It is excited to continue to build products that allow people to connect with one another, regardless of where they live or what language they speak.

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