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Facebook gives advertisers more controls

Advertisers will have more control in the audience network, instant articles and in-stream ads. The new features include pre-campaign transparency, blocking at the account level and choice over video placements in audience network

Extending campaigns outside news feed allows Facebook’s advertisers to reach more people they care about and drive more outcomes that matter for their business. Whether it’s in an article or video on Facebook or on a publisher’s site or app, ads in instant articles and in-stream ads on Facebook and audience network let advertisers connect with people across different experiences.

These placements also introduce an element of content adjacency. Due to their tight integration with content, they require their own unique set of controls that allow brands to make decisions about what type of content their ads appear next to.

Facebook already provides advertisers with several controls, including the ability to opt-out of instant articles, audience network and in-stream ads on Facebook. They can also exclude delivery of their ads to sensitive categories, like dating and gambling. If advertisers want to use a more granular control, they can upload block lists of publishers and apps.

Now, Facebook is going even further to provide advertisers control. Over the next few months, it will launch additional controls and make existing ones easier to use. Those include:

Pre-campaign transparency

The social media giant will begin offering upfront, publisher-level transparency across the audience network, instant articles and in-stream ads on Facebook. For the first time, advertisers will be able to see a list of where their ads could potentially deliver prior to setting a campaign live. It is currently being tested with a select group of advertisers who are running ads on audience network within the video views objective. This test will help them build the right product with the goal of extending it to all advertisers, all objectives, instant articles and in-stream ads on Facebook later this year.

Blocking at the account level

To make the block process even easier, advertisers will be able to apply their block lists at the account level instead of having to log-in to each specific campaign or set of ads. This will help advertisers make their lists consistent across potentially hundreds of campaigns and thousands of creative. Starting next month, Facebook will roll out this control to audience network and instant articles. Later this year, they plan to extend it to in-stream ads on Facebook.

Choice over video placements in audience network

They will start to allow advertisers to specify the types of placements, (e.g. in-stream or native and interstitial), they want their video campaigns to run in through a simple opt-out format.

As part of their commitment to businesses, they will continue to provide more transparency, controls and a premium experience across audience network, instant articles and in-stream ads on Facebook as they look forward to working with advertisers to build the tools they need to be successful across these placements.

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