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Bajaj creates a visual impact for its LED bulb range

Conceptualised by Onads Communications, the new TVC is a combination of live action and animation and sports a very futuristic look

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | July 22, 2015

Bajaj-LED-bulb Click on the image to watch TVC.

Bajaj Electricals has long been known for its lighting solutions, appliances, fans and engineering. The company has over 1,000 products. Keeping in mind the growing demand for energy saving lighting products, Bajaj Electricals has now launched its range of LED bulbs. Two players in the LED bulb segment – Philips and Syska – are quite active on the advertising front.

To create awareness about its LED products, Bajaj Electricals has rolled out an interesting campaign that makes extensive use of VFX technology. The TVC, conceptualised by Onads Communications, is a combination of live action and animation, which has been executed by Polish agency Juice. The film has been directed by E Suresh of Eeksaurus.

Though the LED market in India has become cluttered with various offerings from different brands, Bajaj Electricals has taken the ‘superior technology’ route by highlighting the benefits of LED in its campaign. The campaign moves away from using celebrities and presenting Bajaj’s product range as the hero in the campaign. The new tag line for the LED campaign is ‘Science of Light’, which reflects the technological superiority of the LED bulbs and Bajaj Electricals, the company.

The TVC shows a futuristic lab set-up, where bulbs approach a scientist with their own set of problems. The scientist sends them to separate stations that take care of their problems and the bulbs come out refreshed as Bajaj LED lights. Bajaj’s campaign from its bulbs has travelled a long way from the endearing ‘Jab Main Chota Bachha Tha’ ad in the 1980s.

Beena Koshy Beena Koshy

Beena Koshy, Vice-President, Advertising & Brand Development, Bajaj Electricals, remarked, “We are not the first entrant in the market, however, we’ve ensured that we have the best to offer. Be it the cutting edge product, to after sales service and advertising communication for the potential consumer to interact with this new technology that is environment friendly, energy efficient and aesthetically good looking.”

Jignesh Maniar, Founder & Chief Creative Officer, Onads Communications, added here, “LED is a technological advancement. And Bajaj Electricals being a pioneer in lighting we thought we should bring out this aspect. In a very visual and impactful manner the campaign brings out the advantage of LED over conventional lighting. The oddity of the light characters further adds to making the message entertaining and endearing.”

The TVC:



Client: Bajaj Electricals

Creative agency: Onads Communications

Creative: Jignesh Maniar

Production House: Eeksaurus

Director: E Suresh

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