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New season of ‘Aviators’ on Discovery Turbo

The biggest aviation series on Indian television will premiere on March 7 and will air Monday to Friday at 8 PM

 BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | February 21, 2014


The award-winning series, The Aviators, is back for a new season on Discovery Turbo.  Following the adventures of a group of pilots and aviation experts discovering fascinating flight oriented stories, the new episodes will feature some of history's most noted aerial combatants, from World War I ace ‘The Red Baron’ to pilots in more recent air battles. The new season will premiere on March 7 and will air Monday to Friday at 8 PM.

The Aviators is the most extensive aviation series on world television. The popular magazine show features regular segments with the US Air Force Thunderbirds, an inside look at airline travel, a rock star’s flight training starring Mötley Crüe front man Vince Neil, and many more exciting aviation features. The series includes interesting people, the latest aircraft, the coolest technology and the best fly-in destinations.

It takes viewers behind the scenes to show how the airline pilots train, how planes are built, and how ATC works. From profiling aviation businesses to products, from safety tips for private and recreational pilots to career tips for professional pilots, The Aviators is a must for everyone who has ever gazed skywards!

The Aviators is also an incredible international hit already airing in over 100 countries mainly on Discovery Channel / Discovery Turbo.

The series takes a look inside the efficient and luxurious plane Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Host Wayne Boggs introduces viewers to the historic P-19 trainer aircraft. Get behind-the-scenes look at the US Air Force air demonstration squadron, USAF Thunderbirds, and their F-16s. Find out about Fifi, the infamous B-29 bomber from WWII, through the different crew positions of this historic aircraft. The series also profiles T-28, the US Air Force and Navy training aircraft that also was flown during the Vietnam War.

The hosts: Anthony Nalli, a commercial pilot, executive producer and Director, is the driving force behind The Aviators.  He is an instrument rated pilot and published writer with a passion for aviation. As the show’s “everyman”, Nalli does things most weekend pilots can relate to. Kurtis Arnold is a commercial pilot and air traffic controller, and is a dynamic and knowledgeable aviation speaker. A pure aviation expert, Arnold brings years of experience and a wealth of information to viewers. Joe Ellis, an airline captain, comes from a flying family. His journey into aviation began at age seven and since then he’s logged over 9,000 hours. As “Joe.e” he’s also a performing musician and ambassador for Sennheiser’s “Live Your Dream” programme.

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