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Discovery science launches new show ‘We Built the City’

Starting August 7, 2012, the show telecasts on every Tuesday at 7 pm

August 13, 2012:

‘The Big Apple,’ ‘The City of Lights’ and ‘Old London Town’ – long before these world-famous cities earned their reputations as international hubs for fun, fame and fashion, they were humble settlements and trading centers.  So how did a small island give birth to London?  How did New York grow from a simple Dutch settlement into the home of the world’s first suspension bridge?  And how did Paris evolve from a lowly Roman trading hub into the capital of romance and glamour as it is known today?

This August, the Discovery Science travels back in time to three of the world’s most intriguing and powerful cities to gain insight into their rich histories in ‘We Built the City’.

‘We Built the City’ investigates how some of the greatest cities in the world – that is, London, Paris and New York – rose to prominence through architectural, engineering and scientific breakthroughs.  Using innovative computer graphics, each episode strips away the centuries to tell the amazing stories of their growth from green pastures to thriving metropolises.  Special animation reveals how each city’s major structures were built, literally from the ground up – or even from the underground up.

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