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Jhalak Dikhla Ja-4 Winner Is Meiyang Chang

Sony Entertainment Television’s flagship celebrity dancing show ends with astounding success.

Shipra Sharma | Delhi | March 8, 2011

Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa , the biggest celebrity dancing show on Indian television concluded today amidst much fanfare and glory .The journey which started in December finally came to an end today and in the process  made a dancer out of everyone who participated especially Meiyang Chang the winner of the current season who grew as a dancer as the show progressed.

The glitzy show which was judged by eminent judges like Madhuri Dixit, Malaika Arora Khan and Remo Dsouza always stayed on top of the mind of the viewers with overwhelming participation in form of votes and mails. They lived along with the judges and contestants, sharing their joy, sorrow, anguish and pain week after week as they took on the rollercoaster ride which was Jhalak Dikhla Ja, Season 4.

Speaking on the occasion, Madhuri Dixit, judge of the current season said, “It was a difficult task for all of us to come to a decision and pick up a winner because all the past weeks of staying together on the show has made us one big Jhalak family and you do not compete within family. We wish Meiyang Chang all the luck for his future endeavors and request him to keep his new found skill alive.”

Reflecting on the Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa finale, Ajit Thakur, EVP and Business head of Sony Entertainment Television commented, “Jhalak has always been the last word on entertainment. We are happy that the current season lived up to the high standards which we have set for ourselves. At Sony Entertainment Television we have always believed in providing a platform to people who dare to dream and have the ability to chase their dreams and bring them to life. The fourth season of Jhalak Dikhla Ja has been an amalgamation of popular talented faces from various fields. All the contestants were fabulous and set a new benchmark with their excellent performances, but as a rule of the game, there could only be one winner, and India chose Meiyang Chang. We wish him all the best for the future and thank the audience for their overwhelming support.”

Commenting on his win, Meiyang Chang expressed, “Jhalak was the best journey which happened to me in a long time. When I started shooting for the show I had only one notion, to give my best and master the art of dancing from the best of the choreographers and dancers (judges).Today I feel indebted to my choreographer Marischa Fernandes, esteemed judges  and the audience, who believed in me and helped me to reach where I am today.”

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Comments (104)
  • Snehangshu- 6 years ago

    Sushant actually deserves the title

  • Sushma- 6 years ago

    So unbelievable that the winner is Chang and not Sushant. Sushant was the best and had been performing the best continously with always the highest points.What a pity that Sushant is not the winner. The judges also have always been partial with Chang and Yana. They never supported Sushant.

  • ferdous- 6 years ago

    it was really entertaining.........well done chang...

  • kulnuks- 6 years ago

    sushant must be the winner.....he has been d most consistent one and his mahabharatha act was simply amazing........and incomparable too

  • Ankit- 6 years ago

    Sushma judges always supported. sushant not chang.

  • Me- 6 years ago

    This show was obviously rigged. Why else would Chang, who was not nearly as good as Sushant or Yana, win? Mr. Ajit Thakur, don't ruin people's belief in fair play and "letting the best man win" for the sake of TRP's

  • akshay- 6 years ago

    well it was sushant who should have won it but it was all upto the judges decision

  • Me- 6 years ago

    Can someone please audit the results of this show? especially the way the public votes are counted! In all fairness, Sushant should have won hands down!

  • akshay- 6 years ago

    its discrimination

  • SIMRAN- 6 years ago

    sushat should be the winner unfair decision!!!!!!!!!!! HATE THAT!!!

  • apeksha- 6 years ago

    considering chang as the only non dancer among sushant and yana it is great to see him progress so well and become a winner .. Congrats Chang!!! your efforts have been regarded!

  • Neetz- 6 years ago

    this whole thing was setup Sony entertainment thinks the general population is stupid but thats not true. They always do that and its totally wrong f***** dumd****

  • subarna- 6 years ago

    its unbelievable....... it is a really unfair result.....we cant except it. SUSHANK is the real champion....and winer.

  • Jiten Maury- 6 years ago

    It was reported last week that Chang will be the winner evn though Susshant is the strongest contestant. Episode after episode all judges praised so highly of Sushant and Shampa that Chang's winning does make it look like a predetermined result - a shame ful act by Sny and all judges. I am specially disappointed with Madhuri Dixit. She did not need to be involved with this sham.

  • Saima- 6 years ago

    Hey I'm depresed to know Chang is a winner so sad.

  • Yashna- 6 years ago

    Sushant should have won

  • Yashna- 6 years ago

    Sushant deserved to win

  • Anonym- 6 years ago

    Sushant is clearly the BEST. Sad....

  • Stan- 6 years ago

    People favour the underdog. Chang's progress from a non dancer to a dancer was glaring. Sushant, undoubtedly the best dancer in view and Yana a sensual dancer ....people liked them but Chang being the underdog got the vote......

  • Mitoo...- 6 years ago

    Pathetic... Sushant should have been the winner.

  • Kanwal- 6 years ago

    I'm highly disappointed in the result. Sushant has been giving the best performance week after week. Chang is not a dancer and I don't think he deserved to be the winner.

  • girly- 6 years ago

    haha!! Perfect! :) Good going Chang. All the people who are hating on Chang and saying Sushant should have won...first thing first..this show is about non dancers who become dancers. Sushant was in Shaimak Daiwar's troupe and a trained dancer..he has the winning edge from day 1. Yana is also a trained dancer. This is was stupid mix of having trained dancers with non dancers. But as rightly said Chang was a non dancer and he made progress and showed growth so he won. So now stop whining and saying the show is rigged. Think about what I said..train dancers should not be in the show from the beginning itself. Competition is meant to be between people with same caliber! Congratulations Chang! :)

  • Ghazal- 6 years ago

    this is unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!! cheaters!!!! sushant singh rajput should have won ....he was the best n is the best in my eyes n millions of others i jst think it was cheating such bS ...they really should stop this nonsense or nt even gt started with JDJ 5 coz its nt worth it... please like seriously such BS

  • Ghazal- 6 years ago

    this is BS!!!!!! sushant is the winner for me and millions of others so chang cn please go to hell

  • surinder kh- 6 years ago

    Sushant deserves to be the winner. Results were precalculated.this became sure when each judge gave 9 to sushant for his solo dance. I hate all three judges for this act.

  • surinder kh- 6 years ago

    It is like a cricket match fixing. Judges to be hated especially MADHURI DIXIT.

  • Siva- 6 years ago

    Sushant and his girl friend had attitude problem. I voted for Chang and I am very happy he won.

  • angie- 6 years ago

    I watch this show from Australia and I'm a huge fan of Sushant. I woke up this morning expecting to see his name as jdj 4 winner and was shocked and upset to see that it wasn't. I want to let him know that he has a fan following and support not only in India but all over the world and that there's something bigger and better for you.

  • arvind- 6 years ago

    I think it was VERY UNJUSTIFIED to select Chang as the winner. It should undoubtedly be Sushant. It prooved once again that these shows are never real.

  • Harsh- 6 years ago

    Sushant was the deserving Winner. Nobody deserved it more then him. Chang being the face of the channel since he came into light after Indian Idol was the reason why he was declared the winner. Shame on you SONY.

  • shaun- 6 years ago

    It is strange to know that the Chang is winner though I never liked his performances at all. How come Sushant, the best dancer in that show did not win. I guess it was already predetermined by judges that the crown must go to Chang not Sushant. What a heck was that.

  • eden- 6 years ago

    Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I am So Happy That Chang Won

  • Sushant Fan- 6 years ago

    This is non-sense. Sony should not conduct tournament. Judges hsould be ashamed. On the name of fairness all they did was be partial. What a waste of people's time on a fixed show. Shame on Sony and specially All the Judges and mainly Madhuri Dixit. Get back to your hole in Denver, CO and shut up

  • Mukesh- 6 years ago

    what is called fucking "under dog". Someone is born best, hard working, sincere, consistent, innovative, technically sound, perfectionist wont much qualities to win the show, but being DOG is enough to win the show. Why dint they gave less marks in final solo performance where shushant was best... it was fixed by motherfuckers..

  • Mukesh- 6 years ago

    in voting system duffers are winner and winners are duffers. such a shame! people dont vote most talented..

  • Suresh- 6 years ago

    Sushant deserves this..dont know how they selected winner. It's unfair.

  • Dheeraj pat- 6 years ago

    Sushant should win but unfortunately he loose but he is the real winner.(best of luck sushant i like your pair with ankita)

  • libertyvall- 6 years ago

    This is bull shittttttttttttt...sushant deserves to win alotough chang dances but not as great as sushant or yana..its always the non performers who wn like mona,prachi ..

  • priti- 6 years ago

    Chang is a great dancer but the winner should have been Sushant. He's been a consistent dancer throughout and his choreographer "Shampa" as well. This is so unbelievable that someone who did so well from starting and at the end someone else is claimed the winner :(...come on public wake-up

  • tanvee- 6 years ago

    although sushant is a great dancer..there is the simplicity and honesty of chang which gave him the victory. Of all...there was no 'ankitaness' hindrancing chang's efforts which really has eclipsed the goodness in sushant.

  • tanvee- 6 years ago

    although sushant is a great dancer..there is the simplicity and honesty of chang which gave him the victory. Of all...there was no 'ankitaness' hindrancing chang's efforts which really has eclipsed the goodness in sushant...

  • samita- 6 years ago

    i cant beleive chang is won! he doesnt deserve it... everyone around me supported Sushant and also in networking sites and internet, i cant beleive how this decision wa taken, ! ITS SUCH A WASTE WATCHING SERIAL WHEN THE ONE WHO DESERVRS DOESNT WIN!

  • Sanjay- 6 years ago

    This was setup from the beginning. Sushant was the winner hands down. I will never watch this stupid show again. Sony sucks so does Madhauri. I used to respect her but now she is just like Indian politicians. Madhuri take more blame than others because she did not have to join this circus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kuri punjab- 6 years ago

    sushant is the only one who deserves it. i am so shocked and depressed by the results. i don't think judgement is right. Hate it.

  • kuri punjab- 6 years ago

    i think sushant is the only one who deserves this title. very very disappionted by the result. hate it.

  • mason- 6 years ago

    Yaana and Salman are most talented the dancers and performed the best but the judges always favored Sushant and Chaang

  • Pradeep Kum- 6 years ago

    show was rigged and Sushant was the actual winner. I hate to say Madhuri was the judge which is my favourite but I did not expect this from her. She should never do any tv show in future. As a viwer I was cheated. If this show was hosted in US, sony TV would have been sued.

  • Batman- 6 years ago

    Although I have been a fan of Chang, in this case Sushant was a better dancer & should have won-hands down. Seems the Reality Shows are more rigged now than ever-Sony TRP / Entertainment Kr liye kuch bhi karega.

  • baijayanti - 6 years ago

    Sushant actually deserves the title.orissa

  • tutu- 6 years ago

    TRP weighs over the judgement.Clearly Only Sushant was the deserving candidate.Chang showed improvement but clearly not the winner.

  • Samba Patna- 6 years ago

    First of all, Chang really dazzled in the final. And the fact that he started as a clean slate, makes that performance commendable. Second, Chang has an amazing personality. He is humble, smart and extremely poised. So is Sushant but I think Chang has won more hearts than Sushant. The responses on internet dont represent the channel's voting universe. It is a small segment of Indian population and also a small fraction of JDJ viewers. As this segment is homogeneous in terms of educational and social profile, it seems as if there was a overwhelming support for the non-winner. It might just not be true. The sample we are looking at is really skewed.

  • suchita- 6 years ago

    sony ne khud ke satisfasation ke liye chang ko jitaya. but true is true, sushant is real winner. sony play with viewer's emosation.i can't see again sony other show. why apple vote.

  • Naina- 6 years ago

    Do hell wd hi bekar h.shushant se achha na is show me tha na ho skta easterns ko jitaana jaise fashion ban gya h.fuck u chang.jyada khush mat ho.u dnt diserve at all.

  • Guest- 6 years ago

    Yana was clear favourite...the lady performed with broken Nose n ribs...and finale performance was mesmerising.We are too much into regionalism that we stop thinking globally.Yana was too graceful and clear cut winner for me.

  • dina- 6 years ago

    Sushant was the clear winner-shame on sony and the three judges esp remu sir! rigged rigged rigged!

  • dina- 6 years ago

    Shame on sony and all the three judges! ITS clear this w as rigged! SUSHANT YOU WERE THE CLEAR WINNER!!!!!!!!!!

  • Irfan- 6 years ago

    truely unfair judgement Sushant actually deserved to won.....

  • Rashmi- 6 years ago

    These reality shows are scripted....Everydody knows that Sushant is the best dancer and he has huge fan following toooooooooo.......then how come Chang win the title. For me Sushant is the winner

  • amirta- 6 years ago

    unbeliveable suport for sushant gosh like people judgement ,,,,miss sushant u won in my heart already gugu love u

  • Dalu- 6 years ago

    Unbeliveable support for sushant,and more over waste judges,and fabulous public,here u go gugu u won my heart why u need trophy wen we are here lol!!!!!! miss sushant love u

  • fairlady- 6 years ago

    Sushant was the clear winner. He & Shampa were outstanding. Chang was good but Sushant was the best. We all know that the results were predetermined. Sony tv should be challenged to reveal the votes and allow an audit, after all we the public voted.

  • hatesushant- 6 years ago

    So happy that chang won,n sushant didnt!ghatiya show ka bekar actor,he n his gf were so sure of dem being d best!ugly man wid ugly teeth n loads of attitude,he deservd nt 2 win:D

  • malavika- 6 years ago

    wat d hell!!! totally undeserved..sushant should have won..very unfair.sushant has definetly more fans than chang.ppl in ma place r jus crazyy abt sushant and shampa..i hate sony and pls dont make madhuri d judge in jdj 5

  • Raneetha Sh- 6 years ago

    Sushant should have been the winner and not Chang............South Africans have enjoyed his performances throughout the shows and are very disappointed. SA

  • Devashri- 6 years ago

    Sushant was the best and in Jhalak is always seen that best dancers never win....Same was the case with Mona Singh as she was not as good as Shweta

  • Reem- 6 years ago

    Well done Chang... He deserves it, I'm very happy to know that he is the winner and not sushant.

  • Reem- 6 years ago

    Chang was really too good.

  • savitri- 6 years ago

    In Holland they say 'never compare apples with pears'. But Sony TV did exact the opposite. Chang is a very nice guy but Sushant should have won. Sony TV from a marketing point of view please change your ways or people will stop watching your shows.

  • tejaswini- 6 years ago

    yippy!! happy for chang!!

  • hilda- 6 years ago

    I will never watch Jalak dikla ja again! they just made a fool of everybody yesterday by choosing the wrong person,Sushant worked so hard and he is such a extraordinary dancer. He hurt his back while dancing so he wanted to leave the show. Shame on the judges specially that idiot Remo D'souza I don't know who he thinks he is ? I can't stand the sight of him

  • stnver- 6 years ago

    if sony wanted non dancers to be the winner y the hell they took dancers in this show. while sushant had to be the winner of this show but the sony and the judges played a game at the last moment and made chang the looser as a winner. how could sony take such a hasty decesion. while sushant really deserved to win the title jdj 4.

  • Harani- 6 years ago

    hi' I'm from srilanka. I think Sushant should have won it....................

  • ursula- 6 years ago

    What the heck r they thinking when they do something stupid like this. Clearly, Sushant is the winner.

  • ursula- 6 years ago

    Sushant is the winner, no doubt about it. Sony tv sucks.

  • BHUPINDER S- 6 years ago

    Sushant was a clear winner of this show. Yana could have been the second choice but choosing Chang was a partiality shown by Sony t.v. and all the excitement for having Madhuri as one of the judge vanished rating the show as biased and making us feel and recommending our friends not to view Sony tv reality shows in future if this goes on.

  • Divya- 6 years ago

    Wow that was a shock. I don’t believe this. Sushant has been so consistent with his performance and always getting 10 on his performance. Chang always had easy dance move whereas Sushant and Yana always attempted something new and hard. Truly an unfair decision. It should have been SUSHANT and not CHANG.

  • Meera- 6 years ago

    The Jhalak trend has been always 4 d non-dancer to win, so it doesn't come as a surprise. Sushant is an amazing dancer, one whom it is a joy to watch perform, grace incarnate. I used to tune in mainly to watch him perform in the beginning. But that said, when it came to the last week, all the three were standing head to head. I didn't expect it to happen, but I loved Chang n Marisha's performance to the song from Lagaan, better than Sushant's. Chang had become a great dancer as well. If consistency had been the sole criterion, sushant should have won hands down. But what the public usually remembers is the performance of the non-dancer celebrities, esp. in d last episodes. N among all the previous contestants who have won, I feel Chang is definitely a deserving winner. He is very natural as an entertainer n has an amazing sense of humour n likability as an artist. Yana is again a great dancer n the way she adapted herself to the competition shows her guts n perseverance. But on the whole, it was a great final round. The three of them including the amazing choreographers deserved to be there.

  • farabd- 6 years ago

    definitely sushant was the best in this group, then yana. Chang should not have won.

  • dina- 6 years ago

    If jdj was only for non damcers then why were sushant and tans allowed to participate? Sony and the judges should be ashamed to name chang the winnr.sushant you werethe winner hands down.!!!!!!!!

  • Leela Ferna- 6 years ago

    I guess Sony makes it a habit to make its team a winner always... Where Sweta should've won, it was Mona as she was part of Sony's "Jassi", and now Sushant should've won, its Chang who anchored "Indian Idol" Disgusting discrimination. All a hogwash.

  • Leela Ferna- 6 years ago

    Sony, a Hog wash network all the way..... Clear Winner is Sushant.

  • saloni- 6 years ago

    ohhh my god !!!!! it's not done. sushant or yana should be the winnerrr !!

  • Pabitra- 6 years ago

    performence wise sushant was best..

  • shamla- 6 years ago

    i luv da way sushan perform. im watching this show from maldives and my all frnds also support to sushan. but this is a big suprise... n not fair.... fedup up to watch the other season... :)

  • sonia bola- 6 years ago

    well done chang i'm soooooooooo happy 4 u.

  • sushil mena- 6 years ago

    this is unexpected that SUSHANT is not the winner. I think KRISHNA, (earlier told that the show was fixed) is absoultly right.

  • pooja- 6 years ago

    wrong winner

  • rimjhim- 6 years ago

    its unbelievable.....and i'm really really disappointed by the result .....anyway congrats Chang!!!!

  • sunvib- 6 years ago

    Absoluetly unfair result. Sushant is the winner!They should re-modify the result and crown Sushant as the winner..Sony earned so much on Sushant's fabulous performances. Feel sad for Madhuri as I did not want her to be part of all this!!!!Very heartbreaking!!!!!!

  • Parvesh Atr- 6 years ago

    Sushant You are the best,Ankita be faithful to him. In my eyes you are the winner not Chang,If Chang is good You are the BEST. God will be with you and he will give you great success.

  • veda- 6 years ago

    the result of this season was RIGGGGED in capital letters.chang may have progressed but he certainly did not score over Sushant and Yana pairs.its very sad to see such things happen.very dis-illusioning.the judges were also part of the the whole scheme of making Chang win.

  • veda veda- 6 years ago

    sushant deserved to win.The channel favored Chang for some reason.It seemed totally rigged-the result.Its very sad to see such things happen.

  • dipali- 6 years ago

    i am not happy chang was winer for jdj

  • Manashree c- 6 years ago

    Worst decisn tkn by d audience

  • Kausheek- 6 years ago

    Sushant shud have been the winner. Very Unfair. This Sony Entertainment sucks bigtym. I cant forget the Indian Idol 3 results! Prashant Tamang was declared the winner inspite of the constant good performances of Amit Paul!!!

  • ali raza- 6 years ago

    manve is the wine

  • Sabarnee- 6 years ago

    Thank god it is not Sushant...He is the most borring person of hindi television world...Congrats Chang...I love Monali and u very much...I have always supported u for Jhalak...Have a good life

  • ganesh- 6 years ago

    sushant deserves it,not chang.

  • Leela Ferna- 6 years ago

    Be it Indian Idol, or Jhalak, Sony does not go by audience poll but would give it to their team person. So any reality TV show from Sony and asking for audience votes is all bunkum. A seasoned hoodwinker is what Sony TV is. All one who's unhappy with such decisions should boycott watching SONY TV. I have.

  • esha- 6 years ago

    the winner would be sushant chang did not deserve it

  • aastha bhat- 6 years ago

    hhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaa ! hhhhhhhhhhhaaaa! hhhhhhhaaaaa! According 2 me sushant should be a winner

  • sania malik- 6 years ago

    shushant deserves the title not chang......chang yukky

  • sania malik- 6 years ago

    shushant was owsome...........chang yukky

  • Rishab- 6 years ago

    chang u r the best......