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BIG FM’s Yaadon Ka Idiot Box Creates Buzz On Facebook

Presented by Neelesh Mishra, the show has a unique storytelling-and-song format

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | February 4, 2011

Every night in 35 cities across India, listeners as young as 13 and as old as their grandparents turn away from their TV sets and huddle together to soak in an experience they have never experienced on radio – nostalgia unplugged, on a storytelling show, exclusively on 92.7 BIG FM. Then listeners from across 19 countries tune in and hear the gripping stories on Facebook. The show, titled Yaadon ka Idiot Box with Neelesh Misra’, is in a unique storytelling-and-song format that is changing the way people listen to radio in India.  The show takes people down memory lane through the best inter-twining of story with music. It is garnering huge tune-ins. The show takes listeners through a one hour ‘theatre of the mind’ experience, Monday to Friday, 9:00pm and 3 pm to 6 pm on Sundays. Listeners tune in keenly even along the border in Pakistani towns, where they can catch the Indian frequencies.

Neelesh, an award-winning former journalist and lyric writer of several huge Bollywood hits, author of four books and a scriptwriter, has built an imaginary world which communicates. Neelesh’s unique style of storytelling is eliciting a mindboggling response – in a short span of 3 weeks, it has crossed a record breaking 1 million page view landmark, with more than 1000 people joining the Facebook page every week.

The name “Yaadon Ka Idiot Box” comes from the song of the same name from the upcoming album “Rewind” in Band Called Nine, the band that Neelesh heads.

Here is a sampling of the diverse stories he has told so far on the how: a successful executive not might not be able to make it home on Diwali night; a man writing a suicide note, a childless couple who have wanted a daughter for years and how they finally get one; a college romance, a student who becomes the principal of his own school and traces an old, forgotten teacher; the love story of a 42-year-old woman and a 26-year-old man; the dilemma of an NRI man considering returning to India, etc.

Responses of listeners from around the world can be read here on the page

Each of the stories have connected with listeners on an intimate, personal level – these stories seem to them like their own stories, of people from their own lives from their own nostalgia. Young men and women say they cry when the hear the show; parents are sitting with their daughters who give up primetime TV shows to hear the story; in campuses, young friends are finding it a new way of bonding…

The unique style of story delivery, packaged with the seamless music fit, has fans from across age groups getting drawn to the show and coming back each evening for their daily dose of nostalgia. The show currently has the following mix of audiences:

1. 52 % of the listeners are from the age group of 18-24 years

2. 33% of listeners are from the 25-34 age bracket

3. The youngest listener of the show is 13 years and the oldest listener is 55 + years

4. The age group of 13 – 17 years is also getting attached to the show

To sum, the show is about a magnificent story teller who weaves life’s many stories into a show, in a way that will inspire the listeners to take chances, follow their dreams and live their own lives to the fullest.

According to Neelesh Misra, “This is my first radio experience and I am amazed and humbled to see the mindboggling response from people cutting across ages and demographies. In a country of great oral traditions, this is my humble effort to bring back oral storytelling in the creative space – I am glad that it connected with listeners from Day 1.”

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Comments (180)
  • Anita Goyal- 6 years ago

    I just love this show. The style of telling the story is vary good. I'll send U my story soon.

  • Harshit mah- 6 years ago

    I just love the storyand ur style. The story touchs my heart. thanks u to entertaint us. Best of luck .....................

  • parul vardi- 6 years ago

    he is really amazing...awesome its really heart touching...

  • moksha jada- 6 years ago

    this is a show which i never miss... love it like anything.... i love each n every story of this show....

  • RICHA SINGH- 6 years ago


  • sam- 6 years ago

    I just luv this show. I like ur style of telling the stories.All stories touchs my heart. thanks for this. BEST OF LUCK..................

  • radhae shar- 6 years ago

    you are the best sir.i like your stories and your voies...

  • Vikas Yadav- 6 years ago

    The stories of "yaad city" are so amazing and the art of telling stories is awesome.

  • Deepak gupt- 6 years ago

    Hi Nilesh, really yaar ur the best.i like ur program.The story touchs my heart. Gud job Best of lick............:)

  • priya- 6 years ago

    you are the best. i love u. i am 15 and want to tell you all my stories that i have written if you got this please listen my 1 story. you are my inspiration. please please please i have never tell anyone about my stories.i like u alot

  • manoj kumar- 6 years ago

    I love this show,ur telling style is very good.i love it.

  • Narayan Ban- 6 years ago

    It's a show which i never want to miss ........i love each n every story of this show.............. i have recorded its story also............... thanking you for entertaint us watting for next story............

  • sweetz shwe- 6 years ago

    AWeSomE sHoW....... faB Job neelesh siR.... LUV ur voice......!!!!!!

  • Mamta- 6 years ago

    Hi I love This show ,I like Ur style of telling the story.really u r d best.

  • Amrita- 6 years ago

    i m a die heart fan of your show it is simply a heart touching roamntic show... all the best keep going

  • aman42- 6 years ago

    WOW superb excellent wonderful all the fantastic word i want to express for u just kiss u for ur show idiot box love u a lot

  • Ravi/sunil/- 6 years ago

    i love you nilesh i love your vioce aap jis andaj se batate ho story suneko bahut achha lagata he. I'll send my story soon.. warm Regards, Ravi Waghmare/sunil wadmare/kartik swai

  • darshika- 6 years ago

    I love this show..... n like all stories Way of telling stories is superb!!!!!

  • pradeep pat- 6 years ago

    I just love this show. The style of telling the story is vary good.I just love the storyand ur style. The story touchs my heart. thanks u to entertaint us. Best of luck ………………… he is really amazing…awesome its really heart touching…you are the best. i love u. i am 15 and want to tell you all my stories that i have written if you got this please listen my 1 story. you are my inspiration. please please please i have never tell anyone about my stories.i like u alot

  • srishti- 6 years ago

    hi ....neelesh "uuuu rrrr gud jokey"

  • samarth- 6 years ago

    hii nilesh sir i always like to hear your programe on radio it is best . the story is totaly amazing and the best one is shiv and shivangi

  • Atul Thakur- 6 years ago

    I just love this show. The style of telling the story and placing of good songs according to the mode of the story.. Just LUV all that..

  • yashasvi ag- 6 years ago

    this show grips my mind and makes me feel the pain joy and all emotions tht the main protagonist of the story goes thru... it makes me forget all my personal thoughts.... this is sooo captivating and an amazing show... i lovvveeeee it absolutely without any second thoughts

  • ravi thakur- 6 years ago

    Special...Thanx...for 92.7 fm.. I love this show...09815194230 ravi thakur...

  • Shailendra- 6 years ago

    first thanx to Big FM for such kind of program n also to Nilesh Mishra

  • Parul Goel- 6 years ago

    I think this one of the best shows in today's time. Perfect for every generation.

  • janrao kira- 6 years ago

    Hi,nilesh i love this show and your voice are very good. your story are touching in my heart.thanking for you and all the best.

  • palak- 6 years ago

    hey neelesh itz palak hea m a regular listner ov ur show.i rly love ur show n eu r such a tallented one wanna meet eu atleast one tym in ma lyf.....

  • Priyank- 6 years ago

    Wow... Really awesome... Story and also the way you tell story... Its truly superb... Keep it up... You doing a superb job.... :)

  • shilpa- 6 years ago

    i just cant wait until d next day...n d mixture of songs wid d stories gives it a life..

  • anil gaur- 6 years ago

    i like your radio show ‘Yaadon ka Idiot Box with Neelesh Misra’

  • shyam- 6 years ago

    superb.... lovin it. i was about to lost my tears after one of them... really heart touchin....

  • akash singh- 6 years ago

    Hi neelesh mishra Your stoies were amasing .You are very cool . Iam a big fan of yours voise .Your story touchs my heart.I will send my story soon . Best of luck for further .

  • Nitin Khatr- 6 years ago

    Hi Neelesh. This is a wonderful show. I just loved it.

  • Palash Priy- 6 years ago


  • alka rawat- 6 years ago

    seriously ur voice so awesome nd deep touch my heart.

  • pratiksha j- 6 years ago

    that is my favourite show..i like it so much ..thanks to entertaing us....All the best

  • sunil Gairo- 6 years ago

    Wahh mishra ji Aapne to jaise murdoin mein jaan si dal di.jab aap story sunate hain to kerdar jaise hamare samne hi rahte hain. Manjil mil hi jayegi bhatak kar hi sahi gumrah to vo hain jo ghar se nikalte hi nahi

  • sonal- 6 years ago

    I like listening to your stories..they r very simple..yet refreshes me after my hectic day :)

  • juhi- 6 years ago

    i love your show and also your stories.........i wish i could send u some o my stories to.........

  • pragati sin- 6 years ago

    hey mr nilesh i am a big fan of yours i just love ur voice

  • SURESH CHAN- 6 years ago


  • shadhya- 6 years ago

    Hello, Nilesh sir i like your story, voice, song and your show. u r amazing.......... i luv the story 'PEHLA PYAR', 'WO BATAMIJ LADKA' AND 'DR. TANHAI'

  • shivani ary- 6 years ago

    heart touching show!!!!!!!!!!

  • shivani ary- 6 years ago

    heart touching show............

  • sarmi- 6 years ago

    hi, your story 'yando ka guldasta' is magic on my mind. really its the same story of my life. thanks for given me thesoliution

  • amrita- 6 years ago

    hi....well u know wat i have to say...thought not to waste ur time and write the same things wat others write...just wanted to ask u one thing...i missed ur story on jeete hain hum jee jaan se....ummm can u please tell me where to read all ur stories ...i ve been searching since 3 hours....thanks..and keep up the good work...

  • anjana- 6 years ago

    I like show....

  • Smita- 6 years ago

    Hi, Nilesh Mishra i like u r voice because if story boaring but u r voice so sweet the story made interesting to listen and l love the 92.7 big fm .

  • neitu- 6 years ago

    it has bcm one of mah fvrt shows :) i love it

  • ramratan- 6 years ago

    i listened your story "nepolian" and i started weeping bitterly. your presentation is very nice neelesh jee.

  • prabha malv- 6 years ago

    Hi Nilesh.. maine "yadon ke idiot box" mein "nepolian" wali kahani suni. mujhe ye kahani bahut achchi lagi. Aap jis tarah se us kahani ko suna rahe the woh bhi kabile tarif hai. Mere ghar par bhi ek dog hai.. jo mera sabse achcha dost hai.. jab bhi kuch share karna hota hai to use keh deti hoon aur woh chupchap mujhe dekhta rehta hai. waise main fm itna sunti nahin hoon par ab se jab bhi radio on karti hoon lagta hai bas "yadon ka idiot box " sunne ko mile. Thankyou .

  • Renu sharma- 6 years ago

    Hi, Nilesh ji your voice is very-very sweet.The story touchs my heart.I love the show....very much. take care..........

  • Vipul Adroj- 6 years ago

    Hi Nilesh, Very lovely voice and ur story also very very good. I like that,,guldasta, dusari saadi, biday ke baad.....etc And I also like ur father Dr. Mishra's story. very lots ..plz continue..

  • varun- 6 years ago

    how could i download your stories sir

  • RASIKA- 6 years ago

    Hi Nilesh sir, I like ur style of telling the stories. Gud job sir... Best of lick…………:)

  • hariom mish- 6 years ago

    hi neelesh sir, i m huge fan of u. i like ur stories. siv nd shivangi was very nice ne. nd "nepolian bona part" i like most. ur voice nd narrating style is awesome. i want to listen all ur stories. so plz tell me how can i search all theas stories on facebook. thaks

  • Divya jain- 6 years ago

    hiiiiiiiiii neelsh I love this show and your voice is aussom ...............

  • Divya jain- 6 years ago

    hiiiii neelsh, today your story was aussom Dream chasing i love this story.........

  • anjana- 6 years ago

    Love show

  • abhishek ti- 6 years ago

    Dear Nilesh, I have listen ur program first time on 10 April 11, really i much impressed. I never forget that wording and story.. God bless you. thanks and regards Abhishek Tiwari Lucknow > New Delhi

  • pradeep- 6 years ago

    Yaadon ka idiot box wid Nilesh mishra.(92.7fm) how to send my story plzzzzzzzz reply me as soon as posible.......

  • priya- 6 years ago

    sir ur story is superb......... n ur voice is also superb.......

  • SURESH CHAN- 6 years ago


  • RAVI SRIVAS- 6 years ago

    hello nilesh sir my self ravi srivastav from kanpur sir mujhe apki ek story apke father kahani dreem chesing mujhe bahut achhi lagi but is mai hydrabad me air india airline me work kr rha hu or mai apki story sunna chahta hu tell me hw to listen your story.. sir plz i m ur fan Ravi srivastav 09705941324

  • sagar raj- 6 years ago

    hey nilesh, i m sagar from bhopal i have heard ur story really dude the way of telling story is really ossom......i really liked it..

  • anurag- 6 years ago

    sir apne jo namrata ki story sunai last week me wo mujhebahut acchi lagi

  • khyati- 6 years ago

    nilesh ap ke father ki jo serris book vali story thi vo i like it so much.....n

  • shyam thaku- 6 years ago

    it verey wonderfull show the way u tell the story is amazing

  • swati- 6 years ago

    whenever i listen u ....i feel like completely different world....i feel myself again a teen ager ha ha ha

  • nadim abbas- 6 years ago

    really its a nice show...

  • astha sharm- 6 years ago

    i just love this story....crazy.. i can leave anything for listening this story.... i feel in sme other land...of my world..when i listen to this....<3

  • deepankar m- 6 years ago

    hi nilesh... Great show. The way u tell the story is mindblowing and ur voice is amazing yaar. I love the story u told is 'shiv and shivangi ka pehla pyar' mindblowing yaar. Good job Good luck...

  • priyanka- 6 years ago

    you r just allrounder...... awesome writer nd the superb radio jockey nd singer also...........

  • niharika si- 6 years ago

    hearing your story about arrange marriage. it was good really good.... but i would definetly like to rquest you to share my story on f m ........... A STORY RELATED TO A COLLEGE GIRL JO CHOTE SE SHAHAR SE ATI HAI EK BRE SHEHER KI CHAKACHAUNDH ME KHO JATI HAI....17 SAL KI THI MAI JAB DELHI AI AUR AJ 21 SAL KI HONE WALI HUN AUR IN 4 SALO NE VO DIKHAYA JO KOI INSAN APNI PURI JINDAGI MEIN NAI DEKH SAKTA.....................

  • Rahul Vyas- 6 years ago

    Sir ji aapke story sunane ki ada kabile taarif hain yeh sach main mujhe dusari duniya main le jati hain ... aisa lagta hain mano story aapke words k sath mere mind main chal rahi ho ... or uske upar aapki shabdo k upar pakad .. shandar hain .. or aapki aawaz wo to aisa lagta hain sunte hi jaao ... god bless u sir

  • rahul- 6 years ago

    the show"yaado ka idiot box" i love to hear it.

  • mahi- 6 years ago

    i love this show. specialy the voice which pierce through heart..... good job... god bless you....

  • SURESH CHAN- 6 years ago


  • Anjani Misr- 6 years ago

    U have been just wonderful while telling the stories. I m very much impressed by the story u told on 19th n 20th April. How to get that story "Meri pyari ex-wife" ?

  • Bhumit- 6 years ago

    Sir u r superb. I love ur storys sir plz tell me from where i got ur storys sir plz tell me

  • sunny- 6 years ago

    hi.. nil sir really u r the best i love this show ur style of telling the story is so good..

  • anwar khan- 6 years ago

    I just luv this show. I like ur style of telling,your voies.The story touchs my heart your stories they r very simple

  • sakshi- 6 years ago

    this show is 2 3 4---- gud. ur way of story telling is fabulous, dont make it come to an end

  • yashi- 6 years ago

    dis show just roksss nilesh sir heads off to u ......... we love u oll n ur show too..... our best wishes r with u ....<3<3<3

  • kiran shank- 6 years ago

    i just love the way u tell the story...

  • vssolanki- 6 years ago

    i liked stories of Neelesh Mishra on big FM.If any one can send me a man writting suicide note audio record then i will be happy.

  • Roshni- 6 years ago

    I just happened to listen to it on the last god, I have missed the show!!! I hope that it will be back soon. Loved the stories, loved the narration, loved the choice of songs....please please please come back soon!

  • renu- 6 years ago

    HI... SIR I M UR Biiiiig fan.i miss story ARRANGE MARRIAGE... pls tell me how can i read ur all stories...pls pls tell me....i want 2 read pls pls....

  • Suresh gurj- 6 years ago

    Me phle 9 10 bje tak frnds k sath bettha tha but jb se apki stories sunni start ki really i m impressed n m iss tme akele beth kr sunta hu or frnds ko bi sunne k lye khta hu.apke har ek lafs or bol n style r totaly awesome yr u r bst rj n lyrics writer.

  • Suresh gurj- 6 years ago

    U r my bst rj

  • harpinder s- 6 years ago

    this show grips my mind and makes me feel the pain joy and all emotions tht the main protagonist of the story goes thru… it makes me forget all my personal thoughts…. this is sooo captivating and an amazing show… i lovvveeeee it absolutely without any second thoughts.I just love the storyand ur style. The story touchs my heart. thanks u to entertaint us. Best of luck …………………

  • NEHAL- 6 years ago


  • sanjeev- 6 years ago

    i like story of nilesh mishra on big fm... u r genious..... i listen ur every story

  • sanjeev- 6 years ago

    i didn't listen radio but now i wait for ur show time.....

  • Sakil- 6 years ago

    I just love this show. The style of telling the story is vary good.I just love the story and ur style. The story touchs my heart. thanks u to entertaint us. Best of luck. he is really amazing…awesome its really heart are the best jocky dear love u. your DREAM chasing story is my inspiration. thanks with regards Sakil Raja

  • Sakil- 6 years ago

    I just love this show. The style of telling the story is vary good.I just love the storyand ur style. The story touchs my heart. thanks u to entertaint us. Best of luck he is really amazing…awesome its really heart touching…you are the best. i love ur voice quality dear keep it up

  • Sakil- 6 years ago

    lovely one dear keep it up dream chasing is realy very nice & its very hard cor thruth its very difficult to face this type of chalange

  • Nitish- 6 years ago

    I just love this show. The style of telling the story is vary good. i shoked when i listin the story the story "dushri shadi" it was very nice specaily thanks ........ Nitish Mishram

  • divya tiwar- 6 years ago

    i m a bigggggggggggggggggggg fan of ur voice nd ur style of story telling. i could nt find ur stories on facebook. plz help me.nd plzzz dont stop to tell stories.apki stories k bat h alag hai.u r amazzzzing. assi to apke asique ho gye ji.thnks for ur stories

  • vaibhavsing- 6 years ago

    hi nilesh mishra i have a story this story written by so if you can take my story so comtect me

  • anushka- 6 years ago

    this is a show which i never miss… love it like anything…. i love each n every story of this show…. thanks u to entertain us. I,m a gr8 fan of ur's....!!

  • divya tiwar- 6 years ago

    i love ur stories and ur story telling style.i m a big fan of urs.plz continue with ur can i get ur stories on facebook

  • kaushik- 6 years ago

    sir,u r superb n ur voice is smazing.... i never miss ur show.

  • divya tiwar- 6 years ago

    plzzzzzzz apne programme me advertisement,songs kam kariye,it is irritating.bahut gussa aata hai jab beech mai add ya songs bar-2 aata hai.

  • vssolanki- 6 years ago

    I love the storey of my dear ex-Patni and my dear ex husband .

  • Neha Tripat- 6 years ago

    juzz loveeee to listen ..........really heart touching...........

  • naved- 6 years ago

    i love neelesh sir's show... i think he has some magic in his voice, which trap everyone in it..... The story "PAHLA PYAAR" touches me the most, and the way of telling the story, no words to express his way. best of luck neelesh sir, may you become the most popular person of india as well as whole world.

  • saba khan- 6 years ago

    hiiii.. neelesh ... i jst loved the stories plz jst restart the show...i jst love those stories those close to my heart

  • samta jain- 6 years ago

    muje yaad shahrr ki story sunna bahut acchha lgta h i like very much!!! i like your stories and your voies… thanks 4 ur program. really heart touching…stories.....:) i m watting for next story…………

  • harsh vardh- 6 years ago

    i use to listen every story of ur sir , it experiance me so much

  • rahul ganes- 6 years ago

    I love the programme, Best of luck for this SHOW

  • Roshan Dhar- 6 years ago

    Dear Sir/Mam, I am a poetry/shayri writer..and i have written a little story that name "pyar ke liye balidan".. i want that nilesh sir tell that my story on big fm. pls visit on my link before thinking about me->

  • sarfraz- 6 years ago

    hi nilesh i recently lisened ur show yaado ka idiot box mujhe bahut pasand he , aglaa season kab start hoga ,rula deti he kabhi kabhi aapki kahaniya

  • deepika- 6 years ago

    sir i like your stories sir i wanur help can u contact me sir plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • HERRY- 6 years ago

    GOODDD show with good stories

  • pratibha ku- 6 years ago

    hello neelesh ji,mein apki sabhi kahaniya sunti hoon aap ka story batane ka style bahut acha hai mein apki story sunte samay un pictures ko imagin karne lagati are FANTASTIC

  • krunal sola- 6 years ago

    sir, me bhavnagar gujarat se hu. mere city me fm nahi he, surat se yaha sunta hu . apka ye idiot box jabardust he. usase bhi badi mithi apki awaz he. me aur meri mummy har roj sunte he. apki kahani kaheneki ada man ko chhoo jati hep monday nahi aye aap. ham intezar karte rahe,sir please aap 2 ghante hme kahani khaye ye meri request he.

  • anant dubey- 6 years ago

    very good show

  • kiranpreet- 6 years ago

    hiiiii neelesh... ur stories r really very touching nd ur song selection is awesome... thanxxx 4 entertaining us.........

  • bhanu puri- 6 years ago

    i am verry verry like yaadon ka idiot box

  • seema Rao- 6 years ago

    Hello Nileshji, i like your program a lot and always happy to listen your story which motivate me a lot. With my own inspiration and your motivation i wrote a small story which i would like yo share with your. is it ok? How can i send you? advice me. My self Seema Rao. Would like yo here from you soon.

  • ajay- 6 years ago

    i like ur show i liked that story verymuch in which the boy got new car in his birth day &on road he met with with an accedent by going to give his birth day party

  • वैदेही सिंह- 6 years ago

    ????? ?? ???? ????? ?????? ?? ??? ????? ??? ?? ?? ???? ?? ???,????? ???? ?????? ??? ????? ???? ???? ???? ???? ?? ????????????? ?? ?????? ????? ???? ???? ???? ??? ?? ??? ??? ????? ??? ??? ?????

  • ajit kumar- 6 years ago

    are o nilesh bhi kaha ho itne din se bada na miss karte the hum tumko

  • kanchan- 6 years ago

    i m d biggest fan of u.ur voice is to impresive ,heart touching.

  • kanchan- 6 years ago

    ur voice matches d story.i nvr heard radio as much as now be4 ur one request there r too much adds in dis show,which plzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Ravi Jain- 6 years ago

    Hey Neelesh... u r too gud in story tellin awesome yaar too good dude...... keep it onn

  • prahalad- 6 years ago

    Hi Neelesh your voice style touch my heart when i listen story by you. Main bhagwan se duaa karta hu ki tum yaad shahar me hamesha humlogo ke saath bane raho.

  • Sumit- 6 years ago

    kuch yaadain aur kuch dard hum sabhi k dil main hai... jise yaad karke aankhe bhar aati hai... aise hi kuch khoye hue lamho ki yaad aa jaati hai jab main in kahaniyon ko sunta hu... thnx 2 neelesh bhai 4 presentin thm so sweetly... keep rockin bhai jaan...

  • madhurika- 6 years ago

    i just luv his voice his style and the way he tell his story . i luv him

  • vidisha- 6 years ago

    how can i tell my story to nilesh mishra.........

  • tarun solan- 6 years ago

    Neelesh g aap jis tarah se yado ka idiot box sunate hai bahut sukun milta hai. realy sir. tarun kumar solanki big fm lisneer

  • HARUN PATEL- 6 years ago

    Dear Nilesh, I am Research Scholar, one day I was furstrated as I was not getting result.I decided to call a friend , suddenly FM button was pressed and it was your show...mai sunta hi gaya..sunta hi gaya and all my tension has been vanished. Really there is something in your voice which jo kahaniyo ko haqiqat me badal deta hai...for time being muze aisa lag raha that ke wo kahani mere aankho ke samne chal rahi ho. I am very much thankful of you dear.

  • pratima kus- 6 years ago

    hi neelesh ji aap kaise hain and ab aap BIG FM par q nhi aate? please jaldi aa jaaiye. mujhe aapki aawaz bahut achhi lagti hai and mai aapko bahut miss kar rahi hu.

  • ASHUTOSH- 6 years ago


  • sumona kajl- 6 years ago

    the show is awesome nd every sunday i hear listen to ur stories..............

  • kshitij jos- 6 years ago

    hye nilesh sir....really ur voice is awesome.....main jaldi IDIOT BOX miss nahi karta jab bhi room pe hota hoon...specially on sunday when i m in room.....thanx to give such a marvelous programme

  • Rashmi- 6 years ago

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